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The Great Gatsby Trailer [video]

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 05/23/2012

The Great Gatsby


Baz Lurhmann is a visionary and from the looks of The Great Gatsby Trailer, that reputation should remain cemented.



The Great GatsbyThe New South Wales director is one of a kind. There are many like him, but he stands alone on one of those pillars with the likes of Wes Anderson, Paul Thomas Anderson, Martin Scorsese and the other few who can put their minds imagination on the big screen for the world to enjoy.


Romeo + Juliet, and Moulin Rouge were utterly unique in their presentation. You can watch those two films and catch a new visual out of the corner of your eye, you never knew was there. And say what you will about Australia. No, it was a very good film, but it was visually spectacular.


I recently read The Great Gatsby again and watch Robert Redford’s version a few months back. To be honest, I enjoyed the film. I thought it was true to the book, but it lacked the extravagance F. Scott Fitzgerald brilliantly described in his prose. When I heard Baz Luhrmann was to direct a new version, I knew the extravagance wouldn’t be lost in his vision.


I was truly blown away by the trailer and impressed with Carey Mulligan’s look. I wasn’t sure she was right for the part of Daisy, but I see it now. And as for Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby, I ask, could have portrayed him any better save maybe Brad Pitt and one or two others. I think Tobey Maguire was a fine choose as Nick Carraway, the stories narrator as well. And we all love Isa Fisher, don’t we?


Yes, I’m gushing a little bit, but I love this filmmaker and this cast and the book. But let me caution, never judge a film by its trailer. The film could be a disaster, but somehow I doubt it.


Watch The Great Gatsby Trailer


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