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The Killing Resolved Not Cancelled After 2 Seasons

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/27/2012

The killing Cancelled The Killing has been cancelled, I’m sorta sad to say. I just wouldn’t call it cancelled, I’d call it resolved. There is no where else to go with the show. I’m surprised to see so many other bloggers “Rejoice.” It was a fine show. If you consider it a 24 episode mini-series, or a 26 episodes mini-series (Both season premieres were 2 hours, 2 episodes) it can be called great.


The show has tempo, and slow tempo at that. I think that turns off a lot of people. The show requires patience for sure. But to anyone who hasn’t watched the show, I would tell you to go and pick it up. Look, The killer in “The Killing” is revealed. So, the show concludes and is fully and totally resolved. There is no opened ended questions. You may wonder where the Detectives go next, but after every murder investigation film ever made, you can wonder the same thing. I mean, unless Die Hard’s John Mcclane finally die’s in the 7th or 8th film, you will wonder what comes of him. You know what I mean?


What I’m trying to say is, this isn’t like your typically cancelled show with a season finale cliff hanger that will never be resolved. There was no cliff hanger at the end. Seriously, nothing was even left open ended. The Detectives literally say goodbye to each other ten minutes after the climax of the series and a little bit of reflection.


Plus, Mireille Enos is great. While,  Joel Kinnaman blew me away and I believe he landed RoboCop because of his performance as Stephen Holder in this show. He was a amazing. He has instantly become one of the most interesting actors in show biz. It took me two months to realize this guy is from Stockholm Sweden. His Eminem accent is so good, you’d really think he grew up on the rough streets of Detroit or Philly or LA. So, watch the show, it will not be a waste of  your time. It will end, you will say “wow,” shrug and either conclude, that was good or that was bad, but you will never think, “OMG, What Happens Next?” Because again, it’s fully resolved and stands on its own as a 26 hour movie.


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