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The Lost Coast Tapes Review

Written by   // 10/12/2012

The Lost Coast Tapes Movie ReviewThe Lost Coast Tapes Review by CineMarvellous!

Brief review: The ‘found footage’ horror sub-genre had its ups and downs over the years, with a few truly memorable entries, and countless dreadful ones. Corey Grant’s Bigfoot-inspired POV flick, “The Lost Coast Tapes”, falls somewhere in between. Clearly and heavily influenced by 2010′s Norwegian mock-doc sensation “Trollhunter”, “The Lost Coast Tapes” starts out in a very familiar fashion, and there’s nothing special about it at first, but the seemingly gimmicky plot becomes more and more absorbing as the movie progresses. There’s definitely something about “The Lost Coast Tapes” that keeps you drawn into the story from start to finish, and that is investing the unknown and unexplained, along with the characters, which turns out something even more unexpected. There are no big scares, but last 20 minutes of the movie are incredibly intense, and even though the twist ending leaves many questions unanswered, more perspicacious viewers will figure it out. Set in North California,”The Lost Coast Tapes” offers some stunning scenery – immense woods and lofty trees that look glorious in the daytime, and yet spine-chillingly eerie during the night. The POV shooting style requires the movie to be shot with handy-cams, but thankfully the camera work is neat and not overly shaky. Also, the characters here are likable, smart, and well-acted by the actors involved, so the audience can very easily relate to them.
Overall summary: It’s no “Trollhunter”, but Corey Grant’s “Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes” is still a refreshing entry into the ‘found footage’ horror sub-genre, that intrigues with its concept, excites with its intensity, and engages the eye with its gorgeous, yet terrifying setting.
Overall Cinemarvellous! Rating for “The Lost Coast Tapes”: 6.00 stars out of 10

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