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The Mentalist 5×05: Red Dawn: Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 10/29/2012

The Mentalist 5x05

The Mentalist 5×05: Red Dawn: Recap and Review


In The Mentalist 5×05 Red Dawn, Patrick Jane meets Teresa Lisbon and the CBI team for the first time. Fans of the show know that Grace was supposed to be new in Season 1 so she shouldn’t make and appearance in the past. Was Rigsby on the team? How about Cho?

The Mentalist 5×05, Red Dawn opens with “Several years Ago” and we see Jane getting off the elevator at the CBI headquarters. He meets Rigsby, who goes and asks Lisbon if Jane can talk to her. He’s been off the radar since his wife and daughter were killed. A heavy set man comes in and says they have a case. She tells him to take Cho.

Jane asks about the Red John case, but Teresa says she can’t tell him anything and they have another case to get to. He asks if he can wait but she says there’s no waiting area.

He says he’ll go for a walk and come back asking if three hours are enough.

Lisbon tells Steve to see Jane out. Patrick grills Steve Hannigan about the Red John case, but the man suggests that he move out of town and start another family. Get over it.

“What happened with you?” Jane asks. Hannigan clearly doesn’t know what he means. “Well you’re a stand up guy, obviously years of experience, so why didn’t you get the promotion? It must gall you that a woman twenty years your junior got the job. A temper problem? Yeah that makes sense, no one else would work with you and she’s too young to know any better.”

Steve slugs Jane and he goes down bleeding, just as Lisbon comes back in. She goes ballistic on Hannigan “I said to escort him out of the building, not beat him up.” She sends Steve to get ice and starts to help Jane up and to a chair. Patrick keeps telling her that it was his own fault.

When Agent Minnelli, Lisbon’s boss, questions her, Teresa says that Hannigan and Jane both claim that it was Jane’s fault. She hopes her boss won’t be too hard on Steve. Minnelli has another idea, since Patrick Jane isn’t going to press charges; he wants to make him happy.

Jane is assured that they’ve done everything they can in the Red John case and that it’s a high priority, but when he hears there are still no suspects, Jane wants to know more. Minnelli says that Lisbon and her team have a long drive ahead of them but when they get back Teresa will answer all of his questions.

“A long drive? Is it in the country?” Jane asks and Minnelli offers for him to go along. In fact he can ride with Lisbon and she can answer any questions on the way.

Arriving at the murder scene Cho fills Lisbon in. They found glass, so there was an accident, but there’s no car. The body isn’t anywhere near the road. Lisbon says to widen the search and find out where it did happen.

Patrick speaks to the other officer, and they go to take a closer look at the body. “He was shot, right here, see? No drag marks.” Jane soon gets sick and has to turn away. Lisbon comes back to find out what they’ve figured out. The man’s name is Winston Delanger and his father is a judge. Jane tells them to “Find the lady.”

When Lisbon asks what he means by that he tells her that Delanger was on a date, based on his dress, he’d been drinking and cologne, it was a date. Lisbon thanks him for his input as Cho comes back with a credit card receipt for a restaurant, Cafe Tuscany.

Teresa asks Jane if she can drop him somewhere. The team is going to retrace Delanger’s steps and she is going to talk to his father. Jane decides to go along with her.

The judge doesn’t want Lisbon to come in because his wife is upset so they talk outside and she introduces him to Patrick Jane. During the conversation Patrick manages to discern that Winston was an alcoholic, although he upsets the judge in doing so and Teresa lets him have it for talking to the man that way.

Cho calls and tells Teresa that Delanger was on a date. The girl, according to the restaurant was “low rent” and ended up taking a cab home. He’s going to call the cab company and follow up. Teresa grudgingly tells Jane that he was right, Delanger was on a date.

“Cold reading.” Jane tells her and then does a cold reading on Teresa. He says her father was dysfunctional, and moody. “That’s why you put up with Hannigan, he reminds you of your father.”

Lisbon turns the table on Jane and tells him that he has “the kind of obsession that destroys people. You should go someplace else.”

“That’s just what Hannigan said.” Jane tells her. Hearing that, Lisbon tells him to come by the office in the morning and “Clean yourself up.”

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The next morning Patrick is in the CBI office making himself a cup of tea when Cho walks in. “It’s okay, Lisbon invited me.” Jane tells him. Cho passes that on to Rigsby when he is taken aback at Jane’s presence, so Rigsby gives Jane an empty table by the window; a desk no one is using.

Cho interviews Delanger’s date, she’s a bartender, felt sorry for Delanger. Her name is Kelly Burbridge. She claims that she left because Delanger got too drunk to drive her home. When pressed to find out if she knows anyone who would have killed Delanger she suddenly gets upset. Her ex-boyfriend had called and she told him about her date. Emmett Cox.

Lisbon sends Cho to bring in Cox as she goes to meet with Jane. She takes one last shot at telling him that he shouldn’t look at the files. “I know I should move on, but I can’t.” Patrick confesses. “Have the boxes sent up.” Teresa orders, then turns back to Jane. “Stay in here. You’re a distraction to my team out there… You look homeless.” She says.

“I cleaned up like you said.” Patrick tells her. “I guess it’s a process.” She replies.

The two older officers on the team question Cox. He says that he saw Burbridge leave the restaurant and then waited for Delanger. He was drunk so Cox followed him, but he couldn’t keep up. He went home. They grill Cox but Lisbon buys his story. They’re back to square one.

Rigsby says that the bullets used to kill Delanger match a weapon used in a robbery twelve years earlier. The criminals are in jail and the weapon was never recovered. He also uncovers that Delanger killed a woman in a drunk driving incident but he was never brought to trial. Cho goes to talk to the officer in the case, while Lisbon goes to talk to the woman’s husband.

Mia Do Santos was “Knocked out of her shoes.” She was a mother of three, he tells Cho. There was blood on his front bumper but when it was sent to the lab it didn’t belong to Mrs. Do Santos. The officer tells Cho. His name is Kim and he bartends for extra money.

Lisbon asks Mr. Do Santos about Delanger and the man already knows Delanger is dead. He doesn’t know where her heard it. He was bringing a wrongful death suit, says maybe he heard from the lawyer. Lisbon tells him that she knows that he threatened Delanger. He says that he was angry and that he said a lot of things in anger, but that he was wrong. His mother-in-law speaks up, “No you weren’t!” then she turns her anger against Teresa, “You should have done more, hurt him like he hurt us.

Back at the CBI headquarters, Jane is still waiting for the boxes of Red John files. Lisbon can’t believe they still haven’t been brought up. There’s still no sign of Delanger’s car and they still don’t know who killed him. Teresa tells Cho to bring everyone in. She wants them all questioned again.

The files finally arrive and Jane takes a box off the top as Teresa is signing for them. “Eager beaver isn’t he?” the man delivering the first load says.

Jane lifts the lid on the first box and starts to take out some photographs. Lisbon comes in and says. “Mr. Jane, before you get into that, I’d really like to ask you a favor. I need your help.”

Teresa shows Jane all of the suspects gathered in one room around a table. She says that one of the people in that room is a liar, and she wants him to tell her which one is the liar.

“I’m not a psychic. There’s no such thing as psychics. I’m a charlatan.” Jane says.

“You have a gift.” Teresa tells him and asks him to use that gift now.

Jane tries the easy way first, telling everyone that they know the killer is in this room and asks which one of them killed Winston Delanger. They all get mad and start to get up. Lisbon tells her team to question them all again and she apologizes for Jane. He tells her he thinks he knows which one did it.

“Are you sure?” she asks. “70%” he replies “Do you have some Tarot cards?” She has to tell him no twice.

Jane proceeds to tell them a story, how he used to pretend to be a psychic, but that there’s no such thing as psychics. As he talks he explains how powerful the mind is and asks if they’ll all bare with him. He picks up a stack of index cards and starts to draw pictures with a marker. He explains that he would normally use tarot cards, but they’ll have to use their imagination. He gives the cards to Lisbon and asks her to shuffle them, then spreads them on the table.

“I want you each to take a card, but before you do, I want you to close your eyes and think back to your last nightmare. When was the last time you woke up shivering with fear?” He watches them and then says “Good, open your eyes and take a card. Don’t look at it just leave it face down in front of you.”

Everyone takes a card; Jane says that they think they made a random pick, but the subconscious mind chose for them. He goes first to Mia Do Santos’ mother. He says her dream is that her daughter is falling and she can’t save her. He says her card is The Lovers and turns the card over. Then he tells Judge Delanger that he dreams of death and turns up a skull, the death card. Next he tells Burbridge that she dreams that she will never find love and turns over the fool.

Mr. Do Santos, he says, dreams of violent escape and turns up The Devil. Now it’s down to Officer Kim and Emmett Cox. Jane says that Kim doesn’t remember his dreams, and tells him that his card is The Magician, but he doesn’t turn the card.

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He tells Emmett Cox “You dream that all of the people you’ve hurt will come back for revenge, and believe me, they do too.” He says that the card will be The Hanged Man, but he turns up The Magician. Now Jane backtracks to Kim who holds The Hanged Man and tells him that he’s the killer. Kim tries to deny it but Jane keeps asking him why he did it and explains how and when he knew, when he asked who killed Delanger. Kim went pale, then when he couldn’t read Kim’s dreams Kim looked relieved. When he found out he held the Hanged Man, he paled again.

Patrick turns to Lisbon and tells her “That’s your man Agent Lisbon, That’s your man.”

Cho questions Kim. He had been trying to save his bar when Mia Do Santos was killed. He went to the judge, knew the judge wouldn’t want his son in jail with all the criminals he’d put away. He changed the blood that was going to the lab both times. The night of the murder Delanger called and said he’d hit someone else with his car. Kim went to meet him and Delanger was going crazy looking for the person he’d hit. Delanger said that if Kim didn’t help him he’d tell the truth about Mrs. Do Santos. That would ruin Kim, he finally thought he would be saving others if he killed Delanger and he shot him. He asked if Cho ever found the person that Delanger hit.

Cho turns off the camera and then tells Kim that they found a deer nearby. She’d been hit by a car. Delanger was probably so drunk that he didn’t know what he hit.

The CBI hires Jane as a consultant; Cho and Rigsby ask about Hannigan. Lisbon says he’s taking a transfer, says he won’t work with Jane. The guys go through some files to look for a replacement and Rigsby picks Grace’s file. Cho says “She’s out of your league.”

Lisbon leaves Patrick in the office with the Red John files. Virgil Minnelli receives a call from an FBI agent asking about CBI’s new consultant, Patrick Jane. Minnelli says he doesn’t know why that would interest her. She says that it’s relevant to a case she’s working, Red John. She asks Minnelli to keep her posted of any developments. “Why would I want to do that Alexa?” he asks. “That way when my boss asks me for updates, I’ll have something to tell him.” She tells Minnelli that Patrick has spent the last year in an insane asylum. When she hangs up the phone she says “Done” to the man sitting across from her in the limo.

“Thank you.” He replies, is this Red John, or another one of his accomplices?

Lisbon comes into the office the next morning and finds Jane asleep on the couch. She hushes Cho when he comes in. “Got one in Frsno.” Cho tells her quietly.

“Get Rigsby, let’s leave before traffic.”

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