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The Mentalist 5×06: Cherry Picked: Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 11/05/2012

The Mentalist 5×06: Cherry Picked: Recap and Review



The Mentalist

The Mentalist 5×06 opens with Patrick Jane questioning a driver for the corrections facility where Lorelei disappeared. The woman doesn’t know anything, but just in case she’s lying Patrick tries taking her hand. She is clearly offended and he lets her go, then crosses her off of his list and opens the next file folder. His phone rings and Lisbon calls him in. Patrick says he is getting ready to call in another driver but he must put his case aside for another.

River Park, Sacramento, California is the location of the crime scene where a security lays dead in the street. Cho describes the scene to Lisbon, saying the guard must have been making his rounds when he was shot. Lisbon asks for the neighbors to be called outside.

In questioning the neighbors a woman says that she heard the shots but by the time anyone got outside the guard was dead and the killer was gone. One man says that he just got home, so he didn’t see anything. Patrick notices a man that seems out of place, he is watching his cell phone. When Patrick questions him, he claims that he is there to pick up mail for his brother’s house across the street. He says his brother and his wife are out of town.

“Mailbox, empty or full?” Patrick asks. When the man can’t answer immediately, Jane heads across the street and into the house in spite of the man chasing him and telling him not to go in. Lisbon follows as Jane says there are signs of a struggle; he heads for the kitchen as the man protests.

“Picking up the mail?” Patrick asks again as he sees the kitchen isn’t clean. “I was hungry…” the man claims. “Hungry enough for two?” Patrick notices the dishes in the sink.

The phone rings and Jane grabs it. “Don’t answer that!” Isaac says, finally breaking down and admitting that his brother Marcus and his wife Pella have been kidnapped. Isaac was warned not to involve the police. “He told me he’d kill them if I involved the police.” Patrick tells Isaac that he’d better answer it.

“Are you alone?” the voice asks Isaac; “What are you wearing?” Isaac is confused and then Jane starts laughing. “You thought it was the kidnapper.”

News vans and reporters are outside in the street; Teresa briefs Cho and Rigsby. The kidnapper e-mailed Marcus’ brother with a ransom demand on $5 million. Grace is setting up in the kitchen. She tells Cho and Rigsby to check the surveillance camera footage. Suddenly the sound of Opera is coming from the house and Lisbon goes in to deal with it.

Patrick is listening to Opera and has made himself at home. Teresa tells him to shut it off and asks Isaac about the ransom; can he help come up with the money? She tells him it’s a police matter now “We’re gonna deal with the kidnappers from now on.” She asks for his phone. Isaac gets upset and suddenly locks himself in a room. Lisbon is trying to talk him out when Brenda shows up.

“Is there a PR issue?” Lisbon asks Brenda outside. Brenda explains that this is a sensitive issue; Marcus Goodwin has ties with the Pentagon. Director Bertram is concerned over how they handle this case.

Jane goes in the kitchen and addresses Grace as he looks over the scene. There is an extensive wine collection that Grace warns she’ll tell if Jane takes one. “A 69 Bordeaux and pizza.” Patrick says it doesn’t make sense. The Goodwin’s are “wine snobs.” Continuing his walk, Jane notices a set of dog dishes on a matt by the door. “Happen to see a dog anywhere?”

While Jane is looking for the missing family dog, Lisbon is at the door pleading with Isaac Goodwin. “I talked to my boss; you’re right. No one is gonna take your phone.”

“Lawyer!”  Isaac’s responds.

Out back, Jane keeps calling for Howard and whistling for the dog. He finally sees the dog at the end of the driveway and learns that he has been at the neighbor’s, sitting by the pool. Patrick asks if Howard does this often. The neighbor claims that the Goodwin’s are good at keeping the dog in; the problem is the gate. If you don’t close it just right, it doesn’t latch.

Jane asks the neighbor to keep the dog for a bit; he goes back in the house and turns the Opera on again, then goes to the living room and turns on the stereo. “Lisbon, I’ve got something.” Jane calls out.

“Marcus and Pella weren’t kidnapped. Someone else was.” Jane says.

Isaac comes out of the locked room just as Marcus and Pella show up at the house. They’ve been hiking all weekend. They were out of cell phone range. Their best friends were housesitting; Gary and Sloan.

So what happens to the couple? By now the kidnapper would know it’s the wrong couple; do they get killed? Grace Van Pelt says that someone is trying to video conference. The kidnapper guesses that Marcus and Pella are there and asks “Do you want to see your friends again?” Jane gets on the call.

“Kidnapping Gary and Sloan was always the plan, wasn’t it. That way Marcus thinks he was the target and he’ll pay; you knew he was the only one who could get his hands on the money. You’re selling beer now, not champagne. No one’s gonna pay five million; three million’s a better number.” The kidnapper hangs up; Jane says he’ll call back.

When the kidnapper finally does call back, everyone has been worried. $4 million is the final offer. He’ll contact them in the morning to arrange the drop.

Isaac refuses to get the money for Marcus. When pressed on the issue, it turns out that he doesn’t have the money. There have been some ‘reversals in the market’ Isaac claims and he’s been doing his best. Marcus says that the books don’t say that; Isaac says the assets aren’t liquid, he’ll have to sell some assets to get the money. It’ll take time.

Jane tells them to talk amongst themselves. He says he’s got a driver to interview.

Rigsby catches food in his mouth like a seal as he watches video, finally saying “I got something.” He has a white van, no license plate, speeding a few blocks from the Goodwin’s home. There are too many white vans registered in California, Cho suggests going for abandoned vans. There are 56 but one was found within six miles of the Goodwin’s home. When they run the registration it was reported stolen.

Jane interviews “Walter,” another driver for the Department of Corrections. He claims that he has driven dozens of prisoners every day. He says he doesn’t recognize Lorelei, but Patrick can tell he’s lying. Walter leaves in spite of Patrick telling him to sit back down.

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Rigsby and Cho show up at a woman’s “CBI, Ma’am.” Cho tells her. “You reported a van stolen last Wednesday?” Then he comments on her TV, 72” and new, he asks where she got the money. She finally confesses to having sold the van. They take her in to get a sketch of the man who bought her van.

Back at CBI headquarters, the Goodwin’s say that they are still short a million and the kidnapper should be calling any minute. Isaac is still trying to sell more assets but this is all they could come up with.

Grace says they’re getting a conference call and answers. Lisbon tells the kidnapper that Marcus and Pella need more time, bu the kidnapper says he doesn’t believe that. Jane sounds fed up with the man as he says, “Shut your mouth and listen to me. Release one hostage as a sign of good faith, then you’ll get your money. Release a hostage in half an hour or don’t bother calling back.”

Jane is sipping his tea when the phone rings a half an hour later. Grace says it’s not a video call, just a call and answers. Sloan Deeds is calling from a payphone. She doesn’t know where she is. Once in the CBI office she doesn’t recognize the photo, nothing she can remember that will help the team.

Isaac claims that he’s done everything but can’t get the last million together/ His sister in law says that he hasn’t done everything, he could chip in. Sloan begs him to, and says she’ll work every day for the rest of her life to pay him back. Marcus says he’ll pay Isaac back himself.

The kidnapper calls to set up the drop, he wants Sloan to bring the money. No cops just her.

Jane says that they can handle it from there and turns to go. Lisbon catches him at the elevator and asks if she can help him. “Jane, let me help you.” Teresa says as Jane gets in the elevator and the door closes. Patrick is seen going through the home of the corrections’ driver.

Rigsby talks Sloan into delivering the money. He drops her off to change and says he’ll pick her up. As soon as Rigsby is gone, Sloan grabs a phone that is hidden inside a lamp shade. She calls “Vince” the kidnapper and discusses the plan. She asks if he can finish the job, killing her husband. She even asks to talk to Gary and tells him why. He’s wasted the last ten years of her life, dragging her down.

The CBI team wires Sloan for the drop at The Village Plaza Mall and Cho assures her it will just be the CBI team. She will be able to hear them, and they can hear her.

At the Mall, Sloan is reassured by Cho and Rigsby. In the meantime, Jane and Lisbon are in the garage. Lisbon says she thinks she sees the kidnapper, then makes a positive ID, Rigsby goes to help and Cho moves closer to Sloan.

Shots are fired and Lisbon screams as she’s hit. Rigsby goes into the garage and gets in a van, Jane tells Lisbon that she over acted and gives the microphone to Rigsby who pretends to shoot the kidnapper. Cho goes in to offer assistance and leaves Sloan alone with the money.

Grace is watching the surveillance cameras as Sloan makes her move. By the time Rigsby and Cho make it to her location, Sloan is gone and all that remains are her clothes and the wire. Rigsby finds the cell phone in her pocket and Grace traces the number, finding the kidnapper in a sub-basement. They tell him that he’s nothing but a puppet and get the location of the warehouse where Gary is being kept.

Sloan goes to a hotel and is getting ready to dye her hair when she hears a noise. She sees nothing in the hallway and goes back to the bathroom when the door is kicked in by Cho and several officers. As Sloan is asking how they found her, Cho reveals the tracking device in the money.

Marcus, Pella and Gary are reunited at the CBI headquarters. Brenda wants to know how it was determined that Sloan was one of the kidnappers and Lisbon explains. When Jane offered less money, the kidnapper had to hang up to ask; he wasn’t the leader. Then Jane said to release one of the victims, knowing he would have to release his partner.

Jane awaits the driver when he comes home from work. He has discerned some things about Walter and tells him. The FBI contacted him to get Lorelei out of the facility; Jane knows they had something on the man. He knows Walter raped an inmate and they covered it up for him. Walter says he’ll never do it again; Jane assures him that we all have our weaknesses. He wants to know where Walter took Lorelei.

Jane leaves with the information he needs just as officers arrive. “He’s all your.” Jane tells them, before getting into his car.

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