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The Mentalist 5×07: If It Bleeds It Leads: Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 11/12/2012

The Mentalist 5×07: If It Bleeds It Leads: Recap and Review


The Mentalist

The Mentalist 5×07  ”If It Bleeds It Leads: “A reporter’s homicide may be tied to a story she was working on and a wealthy philanderer is one of the suspects. Meanwhile Jane claims he has his own methods for finding Lorelei.”

Loma Vista Point, California; the ocean view is spectacular as the waves lap at the beach.

The Mentalist 5×07 “If It Bleeds It Leads” opens with a group of bicyclists arriving at an ocean overlook. They are captivated by the view and stop to take a group photo before getting back on the road. Meanwhile a car is careening at high speed down the winding curves in the highway. When the car comes around the bend the cyclists rush out of the way and the car crashes through the barrier, tumbling down the cliff face to the beach.

As the onlookers are stunned at the view another car pulls in. A man tells them to call 9-1-1 and runs down to the beach. There is a woman bleeding in the front seat of the car, she looks grateful that someone has come to help her. The man looks up the cliff to make sure he is not being watched, and then covers her face with his hand to suffocate her.

Patrick Jane is asking Cho how to break into a maximum security prison. Cho runs down a list of obstacles such as the electrified fence, guards, and walls and then tells Jane there’s no way.

Jane asks Lisbon why they need him and she says they just brought him along to take his mind off of Lorelei. Then he asks why CBI is needed at the scene of an accident. Teresa explains that the National Park Rangers have no way of dealing with the situation. “Let’s get on with it then, shall we?” Patrick says and heads down to the beach.

After giving the scene a brief glance Patrick says “Oh hell, it’s a crime scene. Get out your yellow tape or whatever.”

The park ranger asks how they know and is dealt with a litany from the trio of Lisbon Jane and Cho. No skid marks, high speed through the railing at the top of the cliff. When he asks if it could be suicide, Jane explains that there’s a half-eaten cheeseburger in the front seat and no purse. He asks if the ranger has the purse; if not then it was stolen by the person who cut the brakes or ran her off the road.

Back at CBI headquarters Grace Van Pelt has identified the victim as Cassie Flood, a television reporter who has done several stories that may have lead to her death. The most recent was on Space travel, but one before that had to do with race car driving and uncovered a black market in stolen cars.

Lisbon sends Cho and Rigsby to follow up on the crime ring and she will take Jane to the news station. “So it’s murder is it?” Patrick asks when Lisbon goes to fetch him from his loft. She says that they have to do their jobs and Jane explains that he won’t always be around to help. She needs to be prepared; she could handle this one on her own. Teresa says “I’m prepared to punch you in the face on my own.”

Ryan Cassimere is the producer and turns over some threatening letters that the station received. He explains to Lisbon that the station gets threats all the time, that’s how they know they’re doing their jobs. He also says that Lisbon and Jane are “tough, good looking, sincere…” he offers to put them on the show; it might help them solve the case.

Patrick asks for one word to describe Cassie Flood. “Promise. She had great promise, I told her there was an anchor chair in her future.” The producer replies before trying one more time to get the team on the air.

Meanwhile Cho and Rigsby enter the garage at the racetrack and announce that they are with the CBI, looking for Richard Yuntz. He makes a run for it but doesn’t get far before they slap cuffs on him and take him in.

Jane is still at the station and watches the exchange between Ed Hunt, the anchorman, and Tara Sky, the weather girl. Hunt can’t find his glasses and blames Tara; she has already called his personal assistant to bring in a spare pair.

Jane follows Tara outside to the food vendor and asks her about Cassie Flood. He asks for a word to describe Cassie and she says “Sleeping her way to the top.” Tara elaborates that Cassie started with Ed Hunt and then worked her way to Ryan Cassimere. Cassie was being offered an anchor chair even though Tara had started sixteen months earlier. Patrick calls Lisbon over to hear Tara explain: “She was conniving and used sexuality to get ahead.”

“Hell hath no fury like a slut outflanked.” Patrick says and Tara slaps him across the face. He tells Teresa that Tara is a definite maybe. “I hope that hurt.” Lisbon says, to which Patrick admits it did.

Back at CBI headquarters Grace and Teresa go over the suspect list so far: Tara, no alibi; Ryan has an alibi; Yuntz has an iffy alibi and a definite motive. Grace has the witnesses working with a sketch artist on the ‘good Samaritan’ who was first on the scene.

Lisbon decides to take Jane and talk to Ed Hunt, the other man that Cassie was supposed to be sleeping with. She calls Jane; he is in his car and tells her he’s busy. Teresa asks him about the prison break scenario described to her by Cho. Jane says it was all hypothetical and says she doesn’t need him to question Hunt.

Patrick Jane pulls up to a guard shack and is told he can’t go in; he says he has an appointment but the guard says they don’t give out appointments at a federal penitentiary.

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Lisbon sees Ed Hunt as he is introducing the auction for Tommy Volker’s Intergalactic flights; the bidding starts at $200,000 he says before turning over the stage. Teresa asks about Ed’s relationship with Cassie, and he says they had more of a moment than an affair. As proof he shows her a photo on his phone. Lisbon asks if that is Tommy Volker in the photo with the couple. Ed confirms that it is; they were at a museum function and Volker had just agreed to do an interview with Cassie.

Ed introduces Lisbon to Volker and he is charming although he can’t offer any help with the case. He gives Teresa his card and tells her to call him anytime, before he is led away by his assistant.

Rigsby questions Yuntz who has his attorney present. His alibi is that he was at a movie by himself but the attorney says that if they aren’t going to charge him they need to let him go. Rigsby agrees.

Grace tells Rigsby that they have something else; Cassie had reserved a room on her credit card at Tide’s Edge Motel, near where she ran off the road. She made the reservations for Mr. and Mrs. Flood but she’s not married. There was a man in her room and CHP is bringing him in.

Lisbon calls Jane who answers as he throws a branch at an electrified fence. He cringes at the result as Lisbon tells him they have a man in custody who claims Tommy Volker killed Cassie Flood.

Steve Berman, aka Mr. Flood is questioned at Jane and Lisbon watch. He claims that Cassie Flood contacted him about Tommy Volker. He had a “geothermal” deal going on in the Amazon rain forest,  but there was a tribe that considered the ground sacred. The tribe completely disappeared and when there was an investigation the tribe was found in a mass grave. Cassie had uncovered enough evidence to prove it was Volker and that is why she was on her way to the motel, to give the evidence to Berman. She knew that he’d print the story. According to Berman she would have gotten her proof by following the money. Jane tells Lisbon that Grace’s Good Samaritan was there to make sure that Cassie was dead and to get the evidence against Volker.

Lisbon meets Volker at his private plane to question him about the Amazon Rain Forest, the geothermal contract and the Massacre. Volker’s response is “What village? What Massacre?” He calls on his assistant, Amanda, to verify that Cassie never asked about any of those things. He even asks Teresa if she wants his alibi.

“No, I wouldn’t expect a man in your position to get his hands dirty.” Lisbon says before telling him that’s a police joke. Then she shows him the sketch of the ‘Good Samaritan’ and asks if he’s ever seen the man. Volker says he doesn’t know him, and then tells his assistant to wait for his call. He has some things for her to sort out while he’s gone.

Teresa goes to see Amanda at her apartment and gets the woman to admit she’s afraid of Volker. She doesn’t have any evidence against Volker, but he did look angry when Cassie asked him about the Amazon Rain Forest. Teresa tells Amanda to act normal and that when it comes time for her to testify against Volker she will be protected.

Jane calls Lisbon and tells her to meet him at the news station in the morning and to bring Cho. He has an idea. Lisbon asks about the idea but Patrick hangs up.

Teresa calls Patrick from the station in the morning to find out where he is. He says that he’ll be there in a few minutes; he’s just stopped by a local optometrist. Once at the station Patrick tells Teresa that Cassimere has talked him into doing the news show. Teresa wants to approve the questions but Jane says that won’t be necessary. Ed asks Tara if she’s taken his glasses again.

On set Ed Hunt talks to Jane about how the interview will go and is surprised when Jane says that the CBI has caught the killer. “It was all about the car in the end.” Patrick says. Lisbon and Cho are surprised too.

Ed announces that he has a special report on the Cassie Flood murder case and begins to question Patrick Jane about the black market car ring. Patrick says that it didn’t have anything to do with that report. Cassimere asks if Jane is going off script and Teresa says “He does that.” Cassimere says to keep rolling. Patrick turns the questioning on Ed Hunt and asks how well he knows Tommy Volker.

Patrick continues that line of questioning and asks if Ed races Volker in the Dakar endurance rally. He verifies that Ed would have known how to tamper with Cassie’s brakes and then throws a pair of glasses on the desk. Patrick says the glasses were found in Cassie’s car to which Ed says he wasn’t wearing them. Hunt then swears that he didn’t tamper with Cassie’s car before jumping up and running away. Cho catches him and he is taken in for questioning.

Hunt says that he didn’t mean to kill Cassie, he had no idea she would be on that road. He sent the threatening letters after he found out she was investigating Volker. Volker had suggested, actually dared him to mess with the brakes. It was just supposed to scare her.

Jane tells Lisbon that the ‘good Samaritan’ didn’t show up to get the evidence but also to make sure Cassie died in the accident. Teresa decides she is going to get Volker no matter what and calls Amanda. There’s no answer.

As Amanda’s phone is ringing Volker is watching her die; the ‘good Samaritan’ is strangling her. Lisbon calls for a warrant from outside Amanda’s apartment. When the CBI breaks down the door Amanda is hanging there; it looks like suicide.

After Amanda’s body is removed Volker sits on the steps next to Lisbon and tells her that Amanda sent a suicide note by e-mail, blaming it all on Teresa. Lisbon tells him that he won’t get away with it but he says she doesn’t know what’s going on. He tells her to enjoy her job.

Teresa is approached in her office by Bob Kirkland of Homeland Security. He tells her to back off of Volker and she refuses. He says they should have coffee sometime. Then he leaves and passes Jane on his way out, calling him by name. Patrick asks “Do I know you?”

“No, but I know you.” Kirkland says before walking away.

Kirkland is the man who was in the car with the FBI agent in The Mentalist episode 5×05 “Red Dawn”.


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