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The Mentalist 5×08: Red Sails in the Sunset: Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 11/18/2012


The Mentalist

The Mentalist 5×08: “Red Sails in the Sunset” Recap

“Jane thinks Lorelei will leave a trail to Red John if she’s no longer incarcerated so he seeks Brett Stiles’ assistance in springing her from prison.”

The Mentalist 5×08: “Red Sails in the Sunset” opens with Patrick Jane running down the street in slow motion; he enters a movie theater with classic films listed on the marquee. Inside he sits next to Brett Stiles’ played by Malcolm McDowell. Stiles’ admits that he owes Jane a favor and offers advice instead. “Let it go, it’s not worth it.” He says.

Stiles’ says that if they get caught Jane will spend the rest of his life in a federal penitentiary. “Then I won’t get caught.” Patrick answers to which Stiles’ says “It’s been nice knowing you, Mr. Jane.”

Lorelei is seen in the prison machine shop working on a metal press, stamping out license plates. She is taken from there to a loading platform outside and left behind a truck. In the meantime Patrick Jane parks his blue Citron and gets out, going to the trunk to take out a tire iron. He leaves the trunk open and puts the key in the ignition, then smashes the driver’s side window. He tosses the tire iron back in the trunk as he walks away.

Lorelei is seen getting out of the back of a cargo van in the middle of nowhere. She’s dressed in street clothes and heads out on foot down the highway. A dark blue sedan pulls up and Patrick Jane asks “Need a lift?” Lorelei looks into the car, “You?” she asks. Lorelei heads off into the desert with Jane in hot pursuit, reasoning with her. She’s ten miles from the prison, she needs to accept the ride.

Teresa Lisbon calls Patrick and leaves another message for him, telling him to call her as soon as he gets it. She turns her attention to Bob Kirkland of Homeland Security. Kirkland tells her that Lorelei Martins has escaped and he wants to know if Patrick might be involved.

Lisbon assures Kirkland that Jane is not involved and says she has no idea where he would take her if he was. Then she goes and tells her team to find Jane, issuing orders as to where they should look for him, even tracking his phone. Grace reports that the police have located an abandoned blue Citron.

Lorelei tells Patrick that she won’t tell him where Red John is, not ever. Patrick asks her where she wants to go and she tells him that she wants to see the ocean.

Robert Kirkland and Teresa Lisbon pull up to investigate Jane’s abandoned car. Kirkland picks up Patrick’s phone off of the front seat of the car. “He was trying to send you a text.” Kirkland shows Teresa the phone. “Jane doesn’t have Lorelei Martins.” Kirkland says. “Lorelei has Jane.”

Lisbon and Kirkland hold a meeting at CBI headquarters. “Our fugitive is a known associate of Red John.”  The team is told that Lorelei is suspected of abducting Patrick Jane. They have been given packets and should share any leads or questions with Teresa or Kirkland.

Their first stop is to question Lorelei’s mother. Dana claims that she and her daughter haven’t been in contact for years. She feels no responsibility; she says her daughter had everything, could have been anything. She says that she doesn’t like Teresa’s tone when pressed further. “Your daughter is the mistress of a psychopathic killer. I don’t care if you don’t like my tone.”

At the beach Lorelei gazes at the ocean and the birds, wondering where they’re going. Patrick tells her that he’s going to make a fire. Later when he is asleep by the fire, Lorelei covers him with a blanket. When he wakes in the morning the blanket is gone and the fire is out. Patrick looks around for Lorelei and doesn’t find her, but the car is still there. Then he sees her skinny dipping in the ocean.

“You should try it.” Lorelei says as she returns from her swim wrapped in the blanket. “The water’s lovely.”

Patrick sees a car pulling up and tells Lorelei to go hide behind a big rock on the beach. An officer approaches and asks about the fire. He tells Jane that he’s not an officer, he’s a park ranger and there are no fires allowed on the beach. “Not my fire.” Patrick tells him and asks if the ranger is carrying a gun. The ranger says he isn’t and he asks why Jane seems nervous; he asks if Jane is alone. He learns there is a woman behind the rock; Lorelei says she can’t come out because she’s naked. The ranger tells her that there’s no public nudity on State beaches. Patrick apologizes and says it won’t happen again. The ranger leaves saying “You folks have a nice day, and no camp fires.”

In the car Patrick asks where Lorelei wants to go now; “North to Canada or South to Mexico?” She says that she has a place they can go to, telling him to head north on 97. They’ll stop at a convenient store and she’ll let him know where to go from there.

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Patrick starts commenting on Lorelei’s leadership qualities; he says she must have had to take care of someone else from a young age and asks if it was her mother that she took responsibility for. Lorelei accuses him of playing games; she says that if Patrick really wants to know her he needs to give the act a rest. Patrick tries to protest that it isn’t an act, but he finally says okay.

Lisbon and Kirkland continue on the trail and interview the Park Ranger. He talks of his encounter with Jane and relates the fact that he never saw the girl. Kirkland says that she probably had a gun aimed at him the whole time. The ranger says that he’s glad Jane kept his head and asked if he was armed. She might have shot them both. He tells Lisbon that they were driving a dark blue 90’s Dynasty Sedan.

Lorelei stays in the car as Patrick goes into the convenient store/souvenir shop. He told her to stay down as he walked away. He goes inside and chooses a cowboy hat and sunglasses, hair dye, a dress and sundry items. He is being watched by a teenager at the counter sipping a soda. Patrick makes a cross-eyed face at the kid, then puts on the sunglasses and completes his purchase. When he goes outside, he doesn’t see the car.

Patrick turns when he hears a whistle, he sees the sedan and Lorelei asks if she scared him. She says that she moved the car because she was spooked by some cops. Patrick tells her that it was a good thing he left her the keys. He says that she will be a honey blonde and that yes, he did buy snacks.

Back at the CBI headquarters Teresa is surprised when Lorelei’s mother, Dana shows up saying she couldn’t sleep. She tells Teresa that her husband doesn’t know any of this, but she sold Lorelei’s sister Miranda 30 years ago. Dana claims that she didn’t have the money to raise two girls when their father left; she admits to a substance abuse problem. “Lorelei held me up; Miranda was two, what was I going to do with a two year old?”

Dana tells Teresa that she found a wealthy foreign couple who couldn’t have any children and sold them Miranda. Lorelei never forgave her, “That day I lost two daughters, not just one.”

“You want me to get you a tissue?” Teresa asks sardonically.

Patrick and Lorelei pull up to a roadside motel and Jane checks in. He asks for a room without a TV and the girl tells him the one in room 13 is broken, but no discount.

Back at CBI, Teresa interviews the couple that bought Miranda Martins. They tell her that Miranda was just never right in the head so they took her for counseling. It turned out that she remembered Lorelei, so they got the two girls together. The two girls couldn’t have been happier. Teresa asks where Miranda is now and they are shocked to learn that she doesn’t know. Miranda was murdered five years ago.

In the motel room Lorelei thanks Patrick for the dress he bought her and gets ready to dye her hair. He asks where the two of them are headed next and she tells him of the cabin she used to visit with her sister. Patrick wasn’t aware that Lorelei had a sister and he learns that the woman was murdered. Lorelei claims that it was her sister’s murder that set her free, “Nothing can hurt me now.” She complains that the beer is warm and Patrick says he’ll go get some ice for her.

Teresa looks into the murder case and finds out that Miranda was raped and then left chained up in a warehouse dying two days later of heat stroke. The case is still open. Her phone rings and Teresa steps away to answer, it’s Patrick Jane. She asks where he is but he can’t tell her. He says that Lorelei had a sister that was murdered; Teresa says she has the crime scene photo. There was one piece of evidence that didn’t make the papers. Miranda scratched her attacker’s name onto the floor. Patrick says that he’s in fear for his life and asks Lisbon to fax the photo to him. He gets off the phone and goes to scoop some ice, snatching the photo off of the fax machine before returning to the room.

In the meantime, Lorelei has turned on the radio while she is dying her hair. As she rinses out the dye there is a report that she is suspected of kidnapping Patrick Jane. When Jane returns to the room, Lorelei hits him from behind and then starts kicking him and beating him with her fists. “You Liar!” she screams. “Kidnapped you? How dare you?” Lorelei shouts as she is pounding on Jane. “You lied to me!”

“I didn’t lie; I just didn’t tell you everything. I had to protect myself.” Patrick tells her.

“For a second there, I almost trusted you.” Lorelei admits.

“Your buddy Red John killed your sister.” Patrick says, showing Lorelei the crime scene photo. He tells her that they both know who uses the name Roy. “He made you a victim so that he could rescue you.”

Lorelei says there is nothing he can say that will make her believe him. “You’re just like him you know? I only wonder why you didn’t become lifelong friend when you shook hands.”

At the CBI office Teresa is informed that the fugitive and hostage were gone by the time the Motel was reached. Cho and Rigsby suspect that they would continue North on 97 and mention an airport. Kirkland wants all flights checked and planes grounded. Grace digs up the fact that Miranda owned a cabin and someone has been paying the taxes since her death. Kirkland wants her to search the financials, it might be Red John. CBI will head to the location to try and save Jane and catch Lorelei.

At the cabin Lorelei watches as Jane finds the key and lets himself in. She comes through the door and tells him how much she and her sister loved it here. When Patrick learns that her sister owned the cabin he says they can’t stay here. He tells her to go and find out for herself if Red John killed her sister; she has already told him she won’t believe him anyway. He will stay and convince the police that he was kidnapped; he’ll give her time to get away.

Patrick tells her to take the 4X4 and leave by the back trails; he will keep the car. When Lorelei is gone Patrick finds a big stick, and then gets in the car. He sits in the passenger seat and uses the stick to press on the gas pedal wrecking the car into a tree. He tells Lisbon that Lorelei is on foot.

In the hospital Patrick tells Teresa that she will never know if he orchestrated the escape and abduction. Teresa says that if she thought he did, she’d have him in cuffs. “No you wouldn’t” Patrick says. “She told me Red John and I are very much alike, that it’s a wonder we weren’t friends from the moment we shook hands.”

Teresa looks at Jane, “You’ve met Red John?” she asks.

“Yes, he’s someone I know…” Patrick tells her.

So I am wondering, is Bob Kirkland Red John or another “Friend”? Some have speculated that Brett Partridge is Red John and Kirkland is a Red Herring. I am not so sure, but of course there are those who wonder if Patrick Jane is Red John and just doesn’t know it. What do you think?

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