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The Mentalist 5×09: Black Cherry: Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 11/26/2012


The Mentalist

The Mentalist 5×09: Black Cherry: Recap and Review

The Mentalist 5×09 “Black Cherry” Summary: The CBI team investigates the murder of a real estate agent who was once linked to a gang. Meanwhile, Jane looks for leads on his new discovery about Red John.

The Mentalist 5×09 opens with Teresa Lisbon and Patrick Jane arriving at a golf course. In the car they are heard discussing a past case and the book that Jane has been reading for 25 miles. Lisbon says that Jane is never going to remember every man he has met. Jane says that Lorelei said that it was a wonder they hadn’t become friends from the moment they shook hands. It’s someone he has shaken hands with.  Teresa is a friend so she’s off the hook. Lisbon contends that Lorelei could have been lying but Jane says she had no reason to lie.

Chip McGavin introduces himself to Lisbon and Jane; he found the body. Patrick gives Chip the heads up that he is now the #1 suspect. Cho says that the victim is Lemuel McVee; Patrick observes that the man isn’t dressed for golf. He says that the victim started a new life just begun two years ago. Teresa asks if he knows the man, but Jane is looking at his credit cards, they’re new. He’s wearing a cuff link, and missing one, but he has scars on his knuckles that say he lead a hard life before this.

Rigsby runs the victim’s license while Teresa wonders why the body was dumped on a golf course. Jane says there are lots of acreage, no cameras and multiple points of entry; to him it’s the perfect place to dump a body. Rigsby finds out that Lemuel had marijuana charges four years prior and had belonged to a gang called the 10th Street Ghouls.

Chip McGavin asks if he can go now, he has been waiting quite a while. Jane asks a couple of rapid-fire questions and then says “Arrest him Lisbon.” Chip is taken aback; then Patrick says he’s just kidding. “Next time you come across a dead body, show some respect.”

Lisbon tells Cho to question McGavin then gives Jane a piece of her mind. He ribs her for believing him when he told her to arrest the man.

At the victim’s apartment his sister Juliana says her brother’s name was Lem, no one called him Lemuel. Her younger brother Noah is listening to an MP3 and Jane asks where the tea is in the kitchen. While Teresa talks to the victim’s sister, Jane is trying to draw Noah out and get information. He offers to make him hot chocolate; apparently no one in the house drinks tea.

Teresa learns that Lemuel was working for Wintergrove Realty. His sister says that nothing jumps out about her brother’s behavior, just that he didn’t come home last night. Patrick learns that Noah gave his brother the cuff links, because you have to dress like you want to be. He also sees a picture of the two brothers in front of a classic car. Teresa takes a picture of the photo on the wall and sends it to Cho so that they can find the red 68 Oldsmobile.

The tracks at the golf course don’t match the wheel base of the Oldsmobile. Cho says that the whole thing sounds like a gang hit, the way the victim was beaten to death and dumped at a remote location. Lisbon sends him to talk to the gang squad; Grace is to work on finding the car and Rigsby on credit cards and the cell phone. Jane and Lisbon will go to the real estate company.

Cho meets with detective Wade in the gang division and discusses Lemuel’s history as well as that of the Ghouls. He also notices to heavy weaponry that the team has acquired and asks to check it out. Wade says that they are starting a rapid response task force, like a swat team for gang related calls. She likes the way Cho handles the gun and he says he was Special Forces; Wade says she was a Marine.

At Wintergrove Realty, Teresa and Patrick are greeted by Tiffany who says that after they talk to her boss she can show them a model home. Lisbon declines but Jane agrees to see one with her. Tiffany introduces them to Nathan Delmer, the owner of the company. Jane has noticed some pictures on the wall and asks about them. He is told the realtors’ were on a retreat. Victor Phipps enters and is introduced as Lem’s supervisor. They both say that Lemuel was a good salesman. Jane catches something that Phipps said and pegs him as a disbarred lawyer. He finds out that the company is all about second chances; then he pegs Nathan as the consensus filling type. He asks if he was involved in a failed Ponzi scheme. The man says the company motto is “What we were is not who we are.” He also claims the “Mistakes do not define me moving forward.”

Phipps says that Lem came in to work pretty banged up a month back. When Teresa and Jane return to CBI headquarters she learns that the hospital records show Lem was in several times in the past year. His sister signed him out every time, which means she was lying when she said he wasn’t having any trouble.

Teresa finds Noah alone and he refuses to say where his sister is. He says that they aren’t to tell the police anything, no matter what happens. Patrick reasons with him, explains that they have to stick together if they want to find out who did this to his brother. They want to protect his sister, not harm her; she might get into trouble. On the street, Juliana is confronting the old gang members; she wants to know where Shade is. They make fun of her and she pulls a gun, she fires over their heads, and then aims at the biggest guy. The CBI team pulls up and Teresa tells her to drop the gun so that they don’t have to use theirs. Juliana is taken into custody as are the men she was accusing.

Back at CBI headquarters, Teresa tells Juliana that Noah’s fine; he stayed with a neighbor over night, but he was brought in this morning. Lisbon learns that Shade has been after Lem for months; his business is bad and he blames Lemuel for leaving. Lem thought that eventually Shade would give up and move on. The night her brother died, Shade showed up looking for him, said he was gonna pay. She didn’t tell the police because their mother was gunned down in broad daylight three years ago and the killer was never found. “You cops just show up to pick up the bodies.”

Juliana is told that she will do jail time for discharging a firearm in public and Noah will go into foster care if there are no relatives to care for him.

Cho informs the team that Shade is the Ghouls’ enforcer. He asks to use the new Rapid Response team to bring him in.

Noah is sitting with Jane when Teresa comes to talk to him about his sister. Jane takes Teresa aside and tells her to let them go. He says not to tell Noah that his sister is to be arrested and not to put the boy in foster care. He tells her that he is going to look at the model houses and warns her to do the right thing. Jane checks with Rigsby and finds out that the second cufflink hasn’t been found. Teresa tells Rigsby to let Juliana and her brother go.

At Wintergrove Realty, Jane asks Tiffany about the company retreat. She says that it is only for top salesmen like Phipps, Bosch and Delmer. Lemuel went because he was well liked. Before she can take Patrick on the tour of a model, Quentin Bosch enters and says he will do it. Patrick is interested in the Catalina model.

Meanwhile, Cho is with Wade and she tells him how the team will go in. No one has left the residence in the past hour, they are sure that Shade is there. The team goes in, but one man gets away and runs. Wade radios Cho to tell him to intercept the runner. When he catches Shade it is right next to the 68 Olds. “Hey, you found the victim’s car; well done.” Cho tells him as he cuffs the man and takes him away.

In the model home, Bosch describes the amenities to Jane who tap dances on the floor. He says it’s good flooring, but he’s not feeling it. He asks to see another model; Bosch claims they are all the same except the Catalina II has and extra bedroom. Jane insists on seeing it anyway. Phipps is showing the other house when Jane and Bosch arrive. Patrick says he’s feeling this one, and asks Bosch to leave him alone with the house. He wants to check out it’s aura; he asks for ten minutes.

Once alone, Jane drops to the floor and looks underneath the furniture. His phone rings and Teresa asks him what he’s doing. Jane says he’s following a hunch. She says not to bother; they have the victim’s car. “That’s excellent because I just found the room where he was murdered.” Patrick replies as he gets up with a cufflink in his hand.

Back at CBI headquarters, Cho interrogates Shade. The man says that he didn’t murder Lem, just stole the car from in front of a fancy house. He want there to find him and get more money out of him, but he considered the car to be payment in full.

Jane tells Teresa that if the car was stolen at that late hour, then the coworkers lied about seeing Lem leave work. Why would they lie if they had nothing to do with it? Grace turns up some interesting evidence from Lem’s computer. After the retreat he set up alerts for a newspaper in Carrington. Patrick asks Lisbon to keep the murder scene a secret for now and not have the crime scene investigators go in. He goes and parks Lem’s car at Wintergrove Realty.

In the morning Tiffany, Bosch and Phipps look at the victim’s car. Tiffany goes in to call the police while Bosch and Phipps tell Delmer. In the meantime Teresa tries to explain to the Assistant DA that she is holding off on filing charges against Juliana. The girl may be able to help them with a case. Sara gives her more time.

Delmer talks to Rigsby about the note that was left on the windshield of Lem’s car. It says to bring $50,000 to the scene of the murder; Delmer wants to know if CBI has found the crime scene. Rigsby says that he can’t discuss and open investigation. Delmer replies “Like I thought, you know nothing.” Nathan Delmer heads into the building. Rigsby makes a phone call. “The hook has been baited.

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Jane and Teresa enter the model home and she asks how Jane is so sure one of the realtors did it. Jane says that for 20% down all of this can be yours, down to the furnishings. There should be an area rug in the living room, there was in the other model. Something must have happened at the retreat. If the realtors aren’t guilty, why move the body? They sit down to wait for the killer.

Lisbon falls asleep while they wait and Patrick wakes her just before the killer enters. It’s Bosch. Before they can arrest him, another person shows up, it’s Phipps. Delmer shows up too and the men discuss the situation. Phipps thinks it’s a trap. Teresa and Jane show themselves and attempt to make an arrest but Phipps says they have no motive. He is an attorney, after all. Patrick tells them about the Carrington Gazette that Lem had been reading. Jane suspects that the missing hunter was killed.

Teresa tells Bosch that he can go and thanks him for all of his help. Soon the others incriminate themselves by saying “You sold us out?” which is enough for Teresa to arrest them all.

Nathan Delmer is informed that his SUV matches the tire tracks found at the golf course. Bosch, Delmer and Phipps all tell their stories of what happened during the retreat. The men had all gone hunting and they were all drinking. Lem said he’d had enough of guns so he wasn’t carrying one. Bosch saw a branch move and they all started shooting; they thought it was a deer. When they went to claim their prize they found the dead hunter. Everyone freaked out; Lem wanted to call the police and report it as a hunting accident but the others convinced him to help them. He was supposed to get rid of the body for them. When they returned from the trip, Lem decided he needed to go to the police and tell the truth.

The three men pretended to agree with Lem, and then sent him to the Catalina II to show a late client the house. They all took part in beating him to death and getting rid of the body, to share the guilt equally. They had planned to get rid of the body and car together, but when they came out the car was gone. Delmer asks Cho if the car was found; Cho says that he can read about the case in the newspaper.

In the office, Cho is approached by Tamsyn Wade to join the Rapid Response team and he agrees. She invites him to meet her on the shooting range after work. Teresa explains to Sara that Lemuel McVee was a hero; he was planning to do the right thing and for that he was murdered. She suggests that the DA’s office and CBI agree not to file charges against Juliana. Sara agrees although she says that Lisbon will owe her. Teresa tells the siblings that she has something for them. She gives Lem’s car keys to Juliana and the cufflinks to Noah.

In his loft, Patrick Jane looks over the names in his book. These are the men who might be Red John; men he has shaken hands with but is not friends with. Two names of the names on the page are Dean Harken and Jason Cooper.

Does anyone remember those guys? I love the show, but seriously, I can’t remember those guys.

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