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The Mentalist 5×10 Panama Red Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 12/10/2012

The Mentalist 5x10The Mentalist 5×10 Panama Red Recap and Review

The Mentalist 5×10 Panama Red Synopsis: The CBI team investigates the death of a young botanist and finds a connection to the Medicinal Marijuana sub-culture. Meanwhile, Cho’s work with the rapid response team puts him back in Summer’s orbit.

The Mentalist 5×10, Panama Red opens with the body of a dead man hangs from a rock climbing wall and reminds me why I am a couch potato and not athletic. He’s been shot in the back and never saw it coming; blood drips from is hand onto the gym mat below. His body must hang there until the Coroner arrives. Jeremy Reese, a resident of Clearlake, was found by the janitor at 7:00 am. Lisbon calls Jane who is sitting in his loft perusing the names of all of the men who might be Red John. Lisbon says that he is obsessed, but Patrick maintains that he has a real clue and is trying to solve the case. She orders him to come to Clearlake where they have a fresh body and a crime to solve.

In Jeremy Reese’s immaculate apartment, Jane does a quick profile on the young man, but his perceptions are things that Cho and Lisbon already know. Reese is a botanist and works on a pot farm. Jane says that all fits but someone has tossed the place. Lisbon looks around commenting “Who, Martha Stewart?” Jane points out a plaid shirt mixed in with the stripes; that turns up nothing; but two books that are out of order conceal a wall safe. Cho says that the safe is empty. Jane perceives that the killer took something of value from the safe as he toys with a “puzzle box.” Jane says that whatever is in the box was important enough to hide, but not important enough to keep in the safe. He refuses to give up the box to be bagged and tagged.

Alice Burns, the last person to speak with Jeremy on the phone before he died, comes in to talk to Lisbon and Jane. She relates that Jeremy had a fight with his boss, but has no details. Jane realizes that she is sick and Teresa is surprised that she smokes and her Dr. prescribed the marijuana. Jane asks if she knows how to open the puzzle box, his new obsession.

The team goes to Westerly Organic Farms to talk to Jeremy’s boss, Matthew Gold. He denies any fight with Jeremy, says they were just planting next year’s crop and saw eye to eye. While Lisbon goes on a tour, Jane finds a co-worker and notices he’s “baked” which is probably against company policy. After some gentle nudging, the kid comes clean and admits that Jeremy gave him $8000 when he needed it, like it was nothing.

The team investigates the angle that Jeremy was dealing on the side and uncovers shady deposits coming into a new savings account from the Cayman Islands. Agent Wade comes in and asks Cho to go on a bust with the rapid response team.

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Grace can’t trace the money and Teresa says to keep following the leads. She theorizes that Jeremy hadn’t been seen in the twelve hours prior to his death, perhaps he was moonlighting. Lisbon asks for Jane’s thoughts. Jane keeps trying to open the puzzle box which frustrates Teresa; she gives him a deadline to solve the puzzle or turn it in to evidence. After everyone leaves, Jane opens the evidence bag, shaking out the contents. He finds a ring that he is about to use to try and open the box; as soon as the ring gets close, the box snaps open. There is a key card inside marked with a JGA logo.

The rapid response team breaks in on the counterfeiting ring and Cho chases a runner. Before he can catch him, Cho loses the man when he hears a familiar voice calling him by his first name. It’s Summer and she’s pregnant.

At J.G. Allen Tobacco Research Laboratories, Jane uses the keycard to get through several doors before he finds himself in a marijuana growing lab. Before he can investigate he is caught by security. Lisbon is not happy when she arrives to get him out of this mess. He says that he left her a voice mail. Francesca Ehrlich and Stewart Davis confess that Jeremy was a freelance botanist for about 9 months. There had been a spirited discussion and Jeremy hadn’t been seen since. He left after harvesting some “Turbo Wolf” seeds that would grow a fungus resistant strain of marijuana. The seeds are missing; Jane bets he can find the seeds if they give him a tour of the lab. Mr. Pierce “blinks rapidly” every time Jane touches an electrical pull box, but he claims there’s nothing there. Jane discovers a bug hidden there; right by Jeremy’s desk.

Summer begs Cho to let her go; she had nothing to do with the counterfeiting ring. She’s supposed to be marrying a man who knows nothing of her past; he’s a good guy. He can only help her if she gives up her friend Chuck. Wade refuses to budge; she plans to charge Summer.

Pierce and Lisbon talk; she asks him to tell her the facts, cop to cop. She asks for the security footage after his statement, but he says she’ll need a warrant. Jane says that if they find the seeds, they’ll find the killer. He asks Grace if she has any of Jeremy’s notebooks; she does but most of it appears to be some sort of code. Jane takes one to work on.

Cho and Rigsby go to Chuck Calloway’s sister’s house. He runs and when Cho chases him Chuck beats him with a two by four. Cho has got some moves, and soon has the board under the guy’s throat.

Jane, in the meantime, gives a name, Gantz,  and a coded note to Pierce. He says it’s from Jeremy’s notebook; if anyone can decipher the code they might know who Gantz is and what Jeremy had to do with him.

Cho questions Chuck and threatens him; asking if he really needs another enemy. He verifies that Summer knew nothing about the counterfeit ring but is hesitant when it comes to names.

Teresa meets with Francesca and Stewart Davis to ask about the surveillance and Jane pops in with a copy of the note. He asks if either of them knows “Olivier Gantz” but they’ve never heard of him. Jane says he’s a big underworld figure that deals drugs; maybe someone on their team can decipher the coded note. He leaves having baited his trap.

Cho brings in the DA’s office to make a deal with Chuck; part of the deal is that Summer walks. Wade is not happy at the news and takes Cho off the rapid response team.

Jane goes to Jeremy’s memorial service, set up by the organic farm. He sees Matthew and gives a copy of the note. Lisbon calls him and says that the tobacco company is up in arms over the note.

Jane takes Lisbon and Rigsby to a hotel and lays out his plan. He has laid the trap well; money from the counterfeit ring is part of the bait. Rigsby is playing the part of Gantz and is “wearing one of those ear-thingies.” Jane says he will walk him through the con.

The team is surprised when it is Francesca that shows up. The best part is when Rigsby “samples the product” he gets choked up but also very high. Before he sees the seeds, however, someone knocks on the door. It’s Matthew Gold.

They can’t both be the killer so Jane has to do some fancy dealing before they try to beat each other out for the four million dollars. Matthew is ready to share, as Gantz suggests; but Francesca claims she has the real seeds and refuses to share the money. Matthew says he knows that he has the real seeds because he killed Jeremy, took his keys and stole them from his safe. Rigsby aims his fingers at Matthew and tells him he’s under arrest; he pulls his gun as an afterthought. Lisbon comes in to make the arrest; Rigsby is too stoned to remain standing.

Grace takes Matthew’s statement about why he killed Jeremy before giving him the bad news. Francesca really did have the Turbo Wolf seeds; she expected Jeremy to steal the seeds and switched them before he could steal them.

Wade is not happy at the news and takes Cho off the rapid response team. As she drives off, a stretch Limo pulls up, dragging cans. She’s on her way to get married and introduces her fiancé, Marshall. She thanks him, promises to be good as she runs her hand over her belly. She says that she’d kiss him but Marshall is crazy jealous. It’s great that the show gave us some closure on Summer and Kimball. It was sad to see her go after she was the only one who could crack Cho’s poker face and make him smile.

In the office Teresa asks Jane if he’s seen her keys. He asks if she’s checked her desk and she turns to see the wooden puzzle box. To Jane’s surprise, Lisbon opens a desk drawer, takes out a hammer and smashes it,grabbing her keys.

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