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The Mentalist 5×11 Days of Wine and Roses Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 01/07/2013

The Mentalist 5x11The Mentalist 5×11 Days of Wine and Roses Recap and Review

The Mentalist 5×11 Days of Wine and Roses Synopsis:  The CBI team investigates the death of a young model who was a patient at an elite rehab facility. Meanwhile, Lisbon intensifies her probe of multimillionaire Tommy Volker.

The Mentalist 5×11 Guest stars: Mary Lynn Rajskub as Susie Hamblin; Henry Ian Cusick as Tommy Volker.

The Mentalist episode 5×11, “Days of Wine and Roses,” opens with Lisbon promising Amanda Shaw that nothing will happen to her as long as she does the right thing. But she wasn’t able to keep her promise because Volker had her killed. She tells Judge Davis that in spite of the suicide note the marks on Amanda’s neck was not consistent with suicide by hanging. She paid to have a second autopsy report done and shows it to the Davis.  She asks Davis for a warrant for Volker’s personal and business records. Davis tells her she’s already ruled on that. Lisbon wants justice for Amanda. If they follow the money they’ll find the killers. Davis tells Lisbon she’s not responsible for Amanda’s death, but Lisbon disagrees. She needs “to make this right.” Even though Volker has connections in high places, Lisbon came to Davis because she knows Davis won’t be swayed by them. Davis says she’ll open the door “a crack. Just a crack. Don’t make me regret this, Agent Lisbon.”

At the crime scene where there next victim is, Jane tells Lisbon she has a gleam in her eye so either she has a breakthrough in the Volker case or she’s in love! She tells him she got Davis to sign a warrant to reopen the case. and Van Pelt should be getting the records. Jane tells her he was hoping that it was love! She deserves happiness, but he’s happy she got the case opened anyway.

The victim is a Jane Doe. Found around 6am, laying on her back. Blunt force trauma to the head. Jane assesses victim. Designer clothes. As tall as a giraffe. Just shaved legs. Cho says looks like a mugging gone wrong. Jane says she’s wearing a top perfume with a hint of Jasmine. He thinks she was meeting a lover. Her wallet is missing. Jane notices some homeless people playing chess and tells Lisbon that he thinks he’s decided, “to play chess.”

One of the chess players is named Walter and Jane decides to take the place of his opponent. Jane tells him he’ll checkmate in 7. Walter laughs, “A sucker born every minute.” Jane notices Walter has a high priced single malt Scotch. Very good taste. He surmises that Walter took the wallet and bought the Scotch. After winning the chess game in 7 moves, like he says, and being threatened with arrest by Lisbon, Walter produces the wallet.

Jane finds out from the wallet that the victim is Charlotte (Charlie) Coates, 21, daughter of congressman Coates, an up-and-coming model, just like Jane said. After being arrested for possession she agreed to go to rehab and was on day 26 of a 30-day program at Oasis Ranch. Cho thinks she probably snuck out and went to the park to score some drugs. Before rehab she sent a bunch of angry texts to a photographer named Mo Collin.

Jane and Lisbon go to talk with her parents. She was shy as a child and sensitive, “like the volume was turned up too high in her head.” She started using when she became a model. The father reveals that Charlie stole an expensive Ruby necklace right before she went into rehab.

Cho and Rigsby go to a model shoot to talk to Mo Collins. Mo has that coke sniffle and acts high and they pick up on it, search his pockets and find the coke. Turns out when Charlie was killed he was two blocks away with a client. He has witnesses. They arrest him for possession.

Jane and Lisbon go the Oasis Ranch and speak with Dr. Rubin. Janes learns Rubin went to Stanford and is a “real psychiatrist.” Jane points out that, “It’s nearly always a psychiatrist who did it.” Rubin says they’re all in shock. Rubin says they have so many high visibility patients that they’re more concerned with keeping the paparazzi out that the patients in. He says Charlie’s spirit was willing to get better but she didn’t want to do the work. Charlie’s regular counselor was Joanna Lyle. Jane accuses him of sleeping with Charlie, after all the place wreaks of sex. Rubin says addiction is like a “Wack-a-Mole” game. You knock down one addiction, another pops up. Rubin doesn’t have to break doctor/patient confidentiality, he’ll figure it out himself.

 The Mentalist 5×11 Synopsis and Additional Pictures

Lisbon gets a call from Van Pelt about irregular payments to a shell corporation listed as consultant fees; $25,000 each. Charles Milk cashed the checks. A woman neighbor hung herself. She asks Van Pelt to start a warrant for the Milk place but keep it quiet because she wants it to be a surprise.

Jane questions Joanna Lyle, who tells him that she’s not actually a doctor. She’s a recovering alcoholic so she knows she can’t make somebody stop if they don’t want to, and Charlie didn’t want to be there. “There but for the grace of God,” Joanna says. Jane suggests, “Let’s leave God out of it shall we?” She yawns. Late night, she says. They discovered Charlie was missing about 2am and she’s been up ever since. Jane mentions coffee and cigarettes, but she says she hasn’t smoked in years.

Back at the station, Volker is waiting for Lisbon. Volker tries to intimidate Lisbon. His secret is, “Transparency. Honesty. Open lines of communication.” He keeps moving forward in a threatening manner, but Lisbon stands her ground. If she wanted his financial records, all she had to do was ask for them. He has nothing to hide. Next time, just ask. “You look good! You been working out?” he asks. She tells him to get out of her office.

Lyle takes to Charlie’s room where he meets her roommate, Susie. Jane goes to the dresser and sniffs Charlie’s perfume bottle. Susie says Charlie sneaks out all the time so she didn’t think anything about it when she sneaked out last night around 10.

Jane goes to a rehab session and asks everybody to close their eyes, after which he tells them to think about Charlie while he waves a hankerchief with her Jasmine perfume on under their noses. When they open their eyes, he accuses one of the men of being Charlie’s lover. Her real lover gets outraged and punches the guy, so Cho arrests him.

Cho interrogates Phoenix Bell, the guy he arrested. Phoenix tells Cho that some people, like him, have privileges so he has a car and he was supposed to meet Charlie last night but she never showed. So he just drove around, went to a liquor store but didn’t buy anything. He loved her. He’d never hurt her. She wanted to get better. She made him want to get better, too. (Does that line sound familiar? Jack Nicholson in “As Good As It Gets”? That line gets around a lot!)

Jane admires Lisbon’s “pluck” about the Volker case, but he’s afraid that Volker is inside her head and that’s not a good road to go down. Bad neighborhood. No doubt a reference to Red John being in Jane’s head. Volker may be powerful, but he’s not invincible. Jane’s available if she needs his help.

Lisbon finds out that Davis refused to sign the warrant. So Volker got to her. Davis says she doesn’t want to get dragged into Lisbon’s vendetta against Volker. Lisbon decides to ask another judge to sign a warrant.

Rigsby interrogates Mo Collins, the photographer. Rigsby says Charlie was probably going to meet Mo that night. She wanted drugs. He wanted sex. Just another model with a coke habit. Mo denies it. He doesn’t want to be there. “I want to go home. Now. Please?” He’s on the verge of crying.

Joanna tells Jane that these late nights will be the death of her. Van Pelt tells Jane that a Twitterer named Margaret Hammersby tweeted about a rumor that Phoenix Bell killed his girl friend that he met at the Oasis Ranch rehab facility. She’s a journalist. Jane goes to Susie’s room and asks for some tea. He says, “Thanks, Margaret.” She’s just got caught. She said she has to be undercover in order to get the story. So Margaret was spying on them, but not on the night she died. She said Charlie cried like a baby when she got a card from her parents saying that they were proud of her.

Lisbon asks Judge Manchester to sign the warrant, which he does.

Jane goes into a room and takes a watch out of one of the drawers.

Jane realizes the ruby necklace is the key to the case. The killer stole the necklace from Charlie and then killed her. Lisbon gets a call from Rubin about robberies at the rehab. As Rubin, Cho, Jane, Lyle, and Lisbon go to a room where something was stolen, Jane takes something out of the drawer. Cho calls him on the carpet for it and they make him look like he’s a kleptomaniac. They go to Rubin’s office where they discuss Jane’s “disease” and Lisbon gets a call saying that the ruby necklace was found in Jane’s car.

After they leave, they follow Lyle to her office where she is taking out the logs in her fireplace, looking to see if the necklace is still there. It is. The lights go on to reveal Jane and Cho.

Jane admits that her gambling got out of control and she was in debt. She lost her house. Went through her children’s college funds. She starting borrowing money but when Charlie told her about the necklace she convinced Charlie go and get the necklace so she could give it back to her parents at her completion ceremony. After pulling the car over at the park, known for drug dealing, Charlie got out and she hit her over the head with what looked like a tire iron. She figured it would look like a drug deal gone wrong, but nobody gets away with murder. Theoretically!

Lisbon and Jane give the necklace back to Charlie’s parents and tell them that Charlie really had changed toward the end of the treatment. They thank them for helping to solve Charlie’s murder.

Volker calls Lisbon and congratulates her on getting the warrant, but tells her that she won’t find what she’s looking for. She gets a call about another murder and when she shows up at a train station she discovers that her witnesses against Volker have all been killed. It was made to look like a drive-by, but she knows better. She finally asks Jane for help.

Next week it looks like Lisbon will get multi-millionaire Volker and make sure he gets what’s coming to him.

This has been a good role for Henry Ian Cusick, whom most people may know for his role of Desmond Hume on LOST. Other recent roles have included Simon Foster on FRINGE and Stephen Finch on SCANDAL.  One of his next roles will be as Trent Marsh in the BODY OF PROOF episode “Eye for an Eye” when BODY OF PROOF returns for its 3rd season on 2/5/2013.

And have any of you seen Simon Baker’s ad for LONGINES watches? It was recently on the back of TIME magazine. The tag line is “Elegance is an attitude” and Simon Baker is very elegant!


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