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The Mentalist on CBS: 5X02: “The Devil’s Cherry” Recap

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 10/08/2012

 The Mentalist on CBS: 5X02: “The Devil’s Cherry” Recap

The MentalistThe Mentalist on CBS episode 5X02 “The Devil’s Cherry” opens with Patrick Jane arriving at a beautiful home  in his car. Patrick crosses crime scene tape and enters the living room the crime scene photographers take pictures of the eviscerated body of Victor Mendelsohn, a diamond cutter. He has been murdered with a rotary saw.

Jane leaves the room to look around. Rigsby and Cho wonder how Patrick is doing since the feds took Lorelei; his only lead after years of searching for Red John. In the kitchen, Patrick fills the teakettle and puts it on the gas burner, then joins Lisbon.

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Betty Fulford is talking to Lisbon in the garden. Betty says she was snipping herbs in her garden and thought it was odd that she didn’t see Victor. They usually chat over the fence but this morning she didn’t see him. Upon further prompts she does recall him arguing the night before about flowers. Blue Orchids, she says, were the topic of the fight.

When the kettle whistles Teresa looks at Jane and says “What’s that?” Patrick says he has no idea but he’ll go and investigate. In the kitchen Patrick searches the cupboards for tea and comes upon a tea pod, which he fills with tea leaves. Sipping the tea he is distracted by a butterfly outside the window. His eyes stray to the nearest neighbor’s house and upstairs window. Patrick is suddenly startled by the lid of a stock pot rattling. When it rattles the second time he goes to look at the pot.

Lifting the lid, Patrick is so startled he drops his tea and the lid at the same time. Cho hears the crash from the living room and asks if everything is okay. “Everything’s fine.” Patrick shouts out calmly. He lifts the lid slightly and smiles, “How did you get in there?”

Patrick removes a rabbit from the pot, “Rabbit stew; yummy. We’ll have to fatten you up.” He carries the rabbit into the living room where the cleaning woman explains how she saw her boss through the window and called 911. She tells them that she has been trying to warn him that something bad was going to happen. Two weeks in a row, black ants got into the house. Patrick explains to Cho that it’s an omen of death. “You understand!” the woman says and gives him and Eagle’s Claw necklace. “It will help you find the killer.” she says.

The bunny escapes from Patrick and he follows it, handing the necklace to Rigsby on the way. Across the street a couple tells Patrick where the rabbit went and he opens the gate to a beautifully tended garden. A young blonde woman says “You found him! He’s always getting away.” And she returns the rabbit to his “house” in the garden. “It took you long enough to get here.” She tells Patrick. After a war of words Jane turns to leave.

“Wait,” she says, following Patrick. “Why, you’re playing with me. You don’t have anything to help me.”

The girl says she’ll help because she’s bored and there’s nothing to do in her world. She is not helping because of the reverse psychology. She takes Jane to Mendelsohn’s workshop. She claims he hates going into the city, so he comes here.

She says that the workshop is cool; Patrick says it’s weird. “Like something in a dream.” The young woman says he’s close. When Patrick asks her what she means by that she says, “You’re the mentalist.”

“I didn’t tell you I was a mentalist. What’s your name?”

Charlotte, she says is her name. Patrick says it’s a beautiful name. It was his daughter’s name. The girl now claims that she is his daughter. “Did Red John put you up to this? Who are you?”

“Red John, Red John; I’m so over Red John!” Charlotte exclaims.

“Red John killed my wife and my daughter.” Patrick says.

“You are safe, you are loved and you are wise.” Charlotte intones. She claims that is what Patrick said to her every night when ticking her into bed. Lisbon enters and asks Jane how he got there ahead of them. He demands they do a background check on the girl. When Teresa greets Charlotte she says, “Oh, I’ve heard so much about you.” Patrick is astounded and says his daughter is dead. Cho says he’s having another episode and offers him a chair.

Suddenly back in the kitchen, Patrick drops the teacup and passes out going into a seizure. Cho and Lison race to the kitchen and Teresa demands toxicology on everything, the tea, the cup, the pot and the pod. Cho says it isn’t necessary, it’s Bella Donna. Users dilute it with tea to bring on hallucinations. Teresa puts Cho in charge as she goes to the hospital with Jane and the paramedics.

Back at CBI Headquarters Grace Van Pelt says that the only prints on the cup, pot and tea pod are Jane’s. The pod contained residue of Bella Donna. The victim’s daughter Marlena was away, but she lives with him. She writes children’s books. He had an assistant named Julian.

Van Pelt interviews Julian. He says that Mendelsohn was like Stradivari; he could hear a flaw in a stone by the sound of the saw. They were opening a window, polishing a spot in the 402 carat Blue Diamond that Victor was preparing for cutting. Then the Victor left with the stone. He always took the client’s stones home in a shoulder wallet. He felt they were safer that way.

Marlena tells Cho that the Blue Orchid is the stone her father was working on. A rival diamond cutter had wanted it and fought with her father. She was away at a cabin she rents for the quiet and the privacy, but she has no one to verify her alibi. Cho asks if she drinks tea and tells her that there was Bella Donna in her tea pod. She doesn’t want to but consents to a forensic examination of her vehicle.

Back in the hospital Patrick awakens in a strait jacket and sees Charlotte again. She says he’s strapped down and having his stomach pumped in the hospital. “I’ve been dead for ten years and you’re still stuck in neutral. Red John, Red John, mom would not be happy.” Then she asks him “Does anyone know who you are?” Patrick says yes and she continues, “Well, who are you, come on, tell me, who?”

Patrick starts shouting for Lisbon. When Teresa comes in she’s relieved that he is awake. “It will take a while for it to get out of your system.” She tells him. Patrick says that he’s thirsty, just parched and asked Teresa to bring him some water. She complies, leaving the room. When she returns Patrick is gone.

When Patrick walks out of the hospital buttoning his vest and putting on his jacket, he’s surprised to see his car waiting for him. When he gets in Charlotte is waiting for him too. “You’re still here.” He says to his hallucination.

“You’re still tripping.” Charlotte replies. “You really shouldn’t be driving, especially not an ambulance.” When Patrick looks, it is an ambulance, not his car. He sees Lisbon approaching and says “uh oh.”

Teresa tries to reason with Patrick as he carries on a conversation with her and his hallucination. Patrick says that he must get back to that kitchen while he’s still on the drug. Some of the greatest minds have solved crimes that way. He promises that if Teresa lets him follow this out he will go back to the hospital and rest.

Once in the kitchen Patrick recounts his trip and he retraces his steps. At every turn Lisbon finds the trigger for his memories. A rabbit pen holder, two garden gnomes, and then through the gate, but instead of a garden there’s a swimming pool. Charlotte goes in the pool and does the backstroke. Lisbon finally finds out that Patrick is following his daughter. The last place she took him was Mendelsohn’s workshop, so that’s where they have to go.

In the workshop Charlotte towel dries her hair as the CBI team looks for clues. Julian is packing up his things from the shop. Charlotte says that it’s so dull. “You’re obsession’s a little creepy and weird.” She tells her father. “We don’t give a damn what happens to Red John. We’re dead and gone. You need to start dealing with that.”

“I deal with that every day.” Patrick reminds her and asks her to move. When she does Patrick spies a leather bag on the counter. Julian says it’s his and doesn’t need to be searched but Patrick finds a large blue stone inside.

Julian is arrested, even though he says he has no idea how the stone got there. He does admit to arguing with the victim, but he didn’t take the Blue Orchid and he didn’t kill the man.

Lisbon tells Jane that the D.A. likes the case, “Your theory worked.” She says, but Patrick is still not sure. He says that it wasn’t anything that he knew that solved the crime, and Charlotte was an hallucination so he believes they have the wrong man. He asks Rigsby for the necklace that the maid gave him, the Eagle’s Claw. Now that he knows the maid was a hallucination too, Patrick thinks about what happened when he looked out the window.

He saw the neighbor’s house and her bedroom and an Eagle in the window. If he could see that then she could see in the kitchen. Why would she lie and say she heard the argument but couldn’t see who Mendelsohn was fighting with.

Back at the crime scene Betty Fulford offers Teresa and Patrick some tea. They welcome another interview and are talking about possible suspects. She has read about The Blue Orchid and now knows it isn’t a flower. She’s sure the apprentice did it. The teakettle whistles and Patrick prepares and pours the tea. Soon Betty is looking under the table to see what’s tickling her feet. She sees a rabbit. Jane and Lisbon look, they don’t see a rabbit. Betty backs away from the table as the two of them start speaking in German. She suddenly panics and runs to the kitchen, grabs a pouch and races for the door. She runs right into Cho who. The jig is up and she’s caught red handed with cut diamonds. Jane explains that she hasn’t drunk Bella Donna, he got the rabbit at a pet store.

Van Pelt interrogates Fulford. She says that this was just one of many plans to take the diamonds from the old man. She’s had the Bella Donna for months and once she had the pouch she convinced Mendelsohn that he had swallowed them. He used the saw on himself, trying to find the diamonds.

Patrick is in his loft and puts the kettle on. Then he uses a tea pod to take tea leaves from a brown paper bag. He sits in front of the window sipping his tea.


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