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The Mentalist on CBS: Season Premier: 5X01 Recap

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 10/01/2012

 The Mentalist on CBS: Season Premier: 5X01 Recap

The MentalistThe Mentalist episode 5X01 “The Crimson Ticket” begins by showing us where we left off in the season 4 finale. Patrick Jane has shot Teresa Lisbon because his girlfriend told him to “kill Lisbon and give her as a gift to Red John.” With the FBI in hot pursuit Jane had tried to keep his meeting with Red John and Lorelei Martins. Unfortunately the FBI got in the way and the secret had to be revealed. Lisbon was still very much alive. The FBI joined the CBI team in the rest of that sting operation. When the FBI opened fire on a limo expected to hold Red John they accidently shot and killed CBI agent Luther Wainright who was held captive in the back seat.

As The Mentalist continues Patrick Jane looks on while DNA samples are taken from Lorelei Martins. He wants to question her, but for now Teresa Lisbon says they have a case; a double homicide.

At the crime scene Jane is told “You can’t park there!” by a police officer, and with his usual charm, Jane just walks right by with a smile. Patrick walks in on the murder scene as officers are explaining how the two bodies were found. The door was open so there was no forced entry and it doesn’t appear that the two victims could have killed each other. They are looking for a third wheel. Lisbon asks for Jane’s take and he offers up observations.

“No boyfriend, there’s no extra toothbrush; expensive champagne, she comes from money.”

Leaving the victim’s home the CBI team comes face to face with the FBI; the same crew that got their agent killed. Allegations from the FBI are that the CBI team is suspended pending an investigation, but Jane points out that it was the FBI that screwed up. He zeroes in on FBI agent Mancini, telling him there’s no reason to be angry. By the time Jane walks to his car Mancini is on the defensive. Cho is on the offensive and Lisbon tries to prevent a fight. It only takes the slightest provocation, an FBI agent pushing Lisbon away, for Cho and Rigsby to start brawling with the FBI agents.

Lisbon and Jane are at the State Building, grateful that their suspensions have been lifted, but by now everyone knows the CBI and FBI were fighting in the streets at a crime scene. Jane is now on his last legs with the CBI.

Outside a press conference is held explaining the events that lead to the death of Luther Wainright in a sting operation that used the combined efforts of the CBI and the FBI. The press isn’t buying the story that the two agencies are working together “in harmony.” Now it is announced that they will work together on the double murder in DuPont Gardens

The two teams agree to be civil as they enter the hotel where Callie Carson worked. Jane and Lisbon take the lead on questioning witnesses. After learning the Mr. Norris has a thing for the women on the hotel staff, Jane decides to ask him a few more questions. In the regular Patrick Jane style he uses sleight of hand and a few well-chosen words to convince the bystanders that Norris is a murder suspect and the FBI agents step in to take the man into custody. Jane even protests that this man should belong to the CBI. Once the men are gone Jane confesses to Lisbon that it was all a ruse. “You wanted them to vanish, they vanished.”

Patrick says that they can now focus on Lorelei Martins while the FBI is busy with Norris. When Lisbon tells him that the FBI won’t let him near Lorelei, Jane explains that if the FBI has her Lorelei will either escape or die; Red John has a friend in the FBI.

Back at CBI headquarters Grace Van Pelt fills Teresa in on the investigation. Callie has an older sister who was out of town at a swap meet. Rex Lango and Callie seem to have no real connection other than working together for a couple of weeks. Callie made one phone call shortly before the 911 call that was made from her phone.

Lisbon makes her assignments. Cho and Rigsby go to question nearby residents of the murder victim to find out if they saw or heard anything. One woman is particularly helpful. She saw Rex Lango arrive at 6:30 PM and heard a short scream from Callie at 7:10. The woman is sure of the time because she was watching the Lottery numbers being drawn. Still her timing doesn’t match the time of death, which would have been after the 911 call, made after 8:pm.

Lisbon and Jane go and talk to Callie’s older sister Nicola and find out that the two girls have been working to pay off the debts left by their parents. They had been wealthy but when their parents lost everything in 2006 and died a year later, their children were left holding the bag for the estate. Jane gets a phone call; the FBI has given up their claim on Lorelei Martins. He tells Lisbon that they have to go, but as he is leaving a bracelet catches his eye and he buys it from Nicola.

On the way back to question Lorelei, Patrick extracts a promise from Teresa that she will not listen in as her interrogates their only link to Red John. In spite of her promise, she is listening as Lorelei starts her smooth as silk banter. By the time she’s finished with him Lorelei has gotten Jane to kiss her as a sign of faith.

Talking to Patrick after the encounter, Lisbon is visibly upset; she believes Lorelei is playing him. Jane assures her that it’s the other way around. He’s trying to turn her.

Grace gives Lisbon an update on the evidence. It’s not possible that the victims killed each other; Callie was choked and suffocated and Rex died from a blow to the head. One of them had to die first and it doesn’t add up. Lisbon wonders if they’re looking for two killers.

It turns out that Rex Lango wasn’t even the man’s real name, he had changed his name before moving, so it’s off to Bakersfield with Cho and Rigsby! As they question Lango’s cousin and uncle, they begin to see a new perspective on the man. Back at headquarters Cho describes Rex Lango as “A scheming, dishonest, thieving womanizer.” This is not the type of man Callie Carson would have been involved with.

Van Pelt observes that the hard drive in Callie’s computer was fried so they haven’t been able to access her e-mails. Jane suddenly has an explanation for the presence of Lango in Callie’s home. He was there to fix her computer. It’s time for his next meeting with Lorelei and Jane exits the room elated.

Downstairs there is a different scene. The FBI has taken custody of Lorelei after all and she is being hauled away. Officers hole Patrick back so that he can’t interfere as Lorelei screams for his help. She’s clearly upset; not her usual placid “faith in Red John” self.

When Patrick is assured that “The FBI knows how to interrogate people.” He finally comes clean and tells everything he knows about Red John, his FBI accomplice, and Lorelei’s safety. The only thing to do now is to get a judge to assign custody.

It’s a tall order for Jane at the custody hearing; the judge says he will award custody to whichever side annoys him the least… After hearing testimony on both sides, and finding out that Patrick was sleeping with the witness, the judge is about to award custody to the FBI. Jane claims that it’s good he had a relationship with the witness; she has told him things about Red John that no one else would know. “His followers always carry a blood red glass bead in their pockets; and Red John has an accomplice in the FBI.”

The FBI agents call the theory ridiculous but Jane convinces the court that Agent Mancini has something in his pocket and it is finally forced out of him. Mancini produces the red glass bead. Even though he is sure Jane planted it, he has no proof; Jane never touched him.

Back on track and sure Lorelei will now be safe and turn on Red John, Patrick returns to the case at hand and weighs the evidence. Who is the third person involved in the murder?

The television is reporting that the lottery winner will be claiming her check and Jane tells Lisbon to call Nicola! They all meet in front of the stage as Valerie Whittaker ascends the steps to claim her winnings. Patrick starts to fire questions at her, how does she feel? She says she is just in shock. He asks if she knows Tom Yannick of The Sacramento Police. When she says no Jane says “So he’s not your boyfriend…”

As the woman breaks down and confesses and Yannick is taken into custody, Jane says there needs to be a name change on the check. It rightfully belongs to Nicola, the sister of the woman who was brutally murdered in her home.

Rigsby recaps the murder scene: Lango is working on Callie’s PC when the lottery numbers are drawn. She screams because she’s won and calls her sister. Then she gets the champagne from the fridge to celebrate but greed has gotten the better of Lango and he strangles her. Callie hits him with the Champagne bottle and kills him. Then she calls 911 and Yannick is dispatched. At the scene Callie is unconscious, having passed out after making the call. Yannick sees the lottery ticket and decides to suffocate the woman and take it for himself.

Now Jane and Lisbon have a prisoner to pick up. They head to the penitentiary and Jane is anxious and pacing; he wants to know what’s taking so long. Lisbon tries to reassure him but when Lorelei Martins is turned over to them it’s the wrong woman. The guard claims that this is the only Lorelei Martins they have in custody.

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