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The Mentalist, Rigsby and Van Pelt Centric Spoilers

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 02/21/2013

The Mentalist Grace Van Pelt and RigsbyThe Mentalist, Rigsby Van Pelt Centric Spoilers



Here’s the latest Scoop on The Mentalist, from the Watch With Kristen Team at Spoiler Chat, posted February 21st, 2013.



myownlittlecrnr: got anything on The Mentalist, specifically about Red John? #SpoilerChat

Nothing popping up lately about Red John, so rest easy for now. However, fans of Rigsby and Van Pelt better gird their loins, because a very handsome and very smart new character is coming onto the scene to take Van Pelt out on a date.



The Mentalist returns to CBS on Sunday March 3rd, 2013 with episode 5×15 “Red Lacquer Nail Polish” at 10:/9: Central.


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