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The Mindy Project, Cute, Funny, Single Scoop!

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 02/27/2013

The Mindy ProjectThe Mindy Project, Cute, Funny, Single Scoop!




Here’s some new The Mindy Project scoop from TV Guide’s Mega Buzz, February 26, 2013 Post.



Any new love interests coming into Mindy’s life soon on The Mindy Project? — Gretchen

ADAM: Later this season, Mindy will meet a cute, funny, single man who asks for her number. So what’s the catch? He’s actually a pastor whose many, many good deeds make Mindy feel insecure about her own lack of altruism. The next thing you know, she’s volunteering at a women’s prison. Spoiler alert: It doesn’t end well.


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