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The Office, Ed Helms Return Scoop

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 01/04/2013

The Office, Ed Helms Return ScoopThe Office: Scoop on when Ed Helms will returning from TVLine’s Michael Ausiello


Here’s some scoop on The Office from this week’s (Posted on 1/3/13) Ask Ausiello column.



Question: If you’re looking for any belated holiday gifts for me I’m curious in which episode Ed Helms will return to The Office, and what’s to come soon in regards to Erin and Pete, whom I’m already finding infinitely more compatible with Erin than Andy (with all due respect to the ‘Nard dog). —Todd

Ausiello: Helms returned to work on the show right before the Christmas break, so, by my calculations, that puts Andy’s first episode back at around February or March. And as exec producer Greg Daniels points out, “It was very easy for Erin and Pete to be the romantic focus when he wasn’t around,” adding that Andy’s reappearance makes the situation “more of a horserace.” (He also notes that the triangle has stirred up a number of debates in the writers room, which tells me even they don’t know at this point which guy Erin will choose.)


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