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The Vampire Diaries 4×10 Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 01/18/2013

The Vampire Diaries 4×10 After School Special Recap and Review

The Vampire Diaries 4x10 After School Special Recap and ReviewThe Vampire Diaries 4×10 After School Special Synopsis:  Rebekah questions Stefan, Elena and Caroline about the search for a cure. Meanwhile, Bonnie’s father suddenly becomes more involved in her life.


The Vampire Diaries 4×10 Guest stars: Rick Worthy as Rudy Owens; Joseph Morgan as Klaus; David Alpay as Professor Shane; Claire Holt as Rebekah.


It’s been awhile since the episode last month, when Jeremy wanted to kill Elena until Professor Shane decided he should use Jeremy’s beloved Bonnie as a touchstone to divert his killing compulsion, Damon told Elena to go home and forget him, Stefan found out Damon and Elena had gotten to 3rd base, they may be getting closer to a cure since the good Professor knows where the secret is buried, Tyler’s plan to kill Klaus was foiled by Hayley, and Klaus killed 12 of his newly unsired hybrids after which he killed Tyler’s mother to get back at Tyler for the unsiring. It was a wonderfully musical blood fest! Click here for the full recap of “O Come, All Ye Faithful”!


The Vampire Diaries 4×10, “After School Special,” opens with the result of Klaus’ final fury, as Sheriff Liz speaks at the memorial service for Tyler’s Mom that’s being held at the high school. It’s too much for Tyler to take, “Screw this!” He storms out past Rebekah, who is peeking around the corner to see what’s going on. Elena, spying her peek, goes to find out what she’s doing there but instead of Rebekah she finds April crying near the lockers. April tells her she knows that Elena is a vampire. The surprise on Elena’s face is wiped off by Rebekah’s fist, laying Elena real low. “Was that necessary,” April asks. “No, but it was fun!” responds Rebekah.


After Elena wakes up in the school library, April asks her how many times she compelled her, “And don’t lie.” Elena tells her Rebekah isn’t who April thinks she is, but April knows she’s an original. Rebekah returns and compels Elena to wait until the rest of the “class” returns.
Back at Stefan’s, he’s having an alcoholic binge now that he knows Damon and Elena have slept together. Caroline calls and tells him Tyler’s upset so Tyler has to take priority. Stefan has to get his act together, “I can’t do it alone.” Then Rebekah calls Stefan and tells him she’s holding Elena hostage. Guess who removed the dagger! Inquiring minds and Stefan wants to know. Stefan calls Caroline and asks her to redagger Rebekah with the white oak stake.


Caroline stakes out the library while texting Stefan, who has arrived at the school. Rebekah is so fast that she zips past Caroline then zips past Stefan, back and forth, until she gets the stakes from Caroline and ends up in front of Stefan. She grabs him and then he grabs her by the throat. He sees she has the stake. Turns out she also wants the cure.


Back at the library, “Class is in session.” She tells April to go. Rebekah wants to know about the hunters. They tell her about the tattoos, the map, and the sword. She wants to know why they haven’t found the cure. She taunts Stefan, revealing he wanted the cure for him and Elena so they could grow old together. Awkward! Caroline tells her they broke up. Stefan tells her she slept with Damon. Rebekah now knows why Stefan stinks of alcohol. Stefan reveals that Damon sired Elena. Rebekah wants to know why Elena slept with Damon, and Elena reveals that in spite of the Damon sire she slept with him because she loves him, much to Stefan’s dismay.


Caroline brings up the cure again, and Rebekah wants to know how to find it. Stefan tells her Professor Shane knows.


Let’s not forget Jeremy, who is still at the Gilbert house by the lake. As Damon listens to a message from Elena telling him she knows he sent her away because of the sire thing, but she really loves him and “I hate not being near you.” Damon hangs up and watches as Jeremy slams Matt to the ground. He’s pretty proud of himself until Damon tells him that he was moving in slow motion. Jeremy wants Damon to teach him something useful. After Damon tells Matt to hit the bench he easily beats Jeremy. Damon scares the pizza girl when she arrives with the pizza, but he gives her a big tip and tells her not to come back. Jeremy and Matt tell him he can’t starve them. “If that’s what it takes to make you a hunter,” Damon tells him. Then he tells them to run some laps. When they’re gone, Damon listens to the rest of Elena’s message.


Bonnie’s dad, Rudy Owens, is appointed the interim Mayor, and he discusses Carol’s murder with Caroline’s Sheriff mom, Liz. Liz tells him although she’s listed it as an accident she’s still investigating. Does he really want to be the interim Mayor. He tells her yes and the reason just walked in. Bonnie! After Liz leaves, he tells Bonnie that he knows she has gifts but he still wants to protect her.


Back at the lake house, Damon has Jeremy breaking down and reassembling a pistol. Jeremy tells him he doesn’t care about his hunter skills, he just wants to get the cure for Elena. Damon has upgraded their relationship to, “Its complicated.” Klaus saunters out of the woods by the house and wants to know how many vampires Jeremy has killed. “If we throw Jeremy out into the world right now, he’s chum,” Damon says. He wants the map to be completed so he can get the cure. Klaus tells them, “Chum! That’s not a number. 12. That’s a number. That’s how many of my hybrids I slaughtered with my sword. Three. That’s how many days it took to quelled the urge to kill your brother after he knowingly watched as I walked into a death trap. One. That’s the number of purposes you serve. You are here to grow Jeremy’s mark. So how many vampires has he killed since he’s been here?”  “Zero,” Damon tells him, then grabs the gun. “Watch and learn,” he says, then shoots Klaus twice in the chest. Klaus slumps against a tree, clutching his heart. “That’s for Carol Lockwood,” says Damon.


The Vampire Diaries 4×10 Sneak Peek #2


Tyler gets a call from Caroline’s phone, “I told you not to call me.” But it’s Rebekah who gives him her condolences about his mother. She tells him she knows what it’s like to have Klaus ruin your life, then she tells him she’s got Caroline, “Maybe you’ll have a better shot at saving her than you did your mother.” Ouch. Nasty!


Bonnie thanks Shane for helping her get her gifts back. It’s graduation day and he gives her a necklace of human bones. “Legend goes that it belonged to a 2000-year old witch that wrote on it for strength.” She’s come so far so fast. Her strength and magic are right where they should be. But he has ulterior motives. They all do. As she leaves Shane’s office she passes Kol, Klaus’ and Rebekah’s brother. When she realizes who he is, she rushes back into Shanes office, but they’re both gone and the office shows signs of a fight.


Kol has vampirically zipped over to the library to deliver Shane to Rebekah. Rebekah tries to compel Shane, but he learned a few tricks in Tibet about how to resist. In that case, they’ll have to do it the old fashion way. Kol starts beating him to get the answer, and when that doesn’t work he starts to dunk him into a tank of water.


Back in the “class room,” Rebekah has her “students” glued to their seats and decides to play “Truth or Dare” with them, which reveals lots of info. Elena admits she still loves Stefan, but she’s not “in” love with him. He makes her feel like a broken toy, whereas Damon makes her feel unpredictable, wild, and free. Damon makes her happy. She asks Stefan if it hurts to have the one you love drive a dagger through your heart. “Yes,” he admits. “Now you know what it’s been like for me the last 900 years,” she confesses.


Back at the ranch, I mean lake house, Damon carving stake. Klaus sits down beside him and tells him he should adjust the angle to get a better edge. “Now I know why those hybrids hated you,” observes Damon. “You are annoying.” He wants to know why Jeremy hasn’t been killing vampires. Damon tells him again that Jeremy needs more training. Klaus suggests turning the nearby town into vampires so Jeremy can get some practice with the slaughter. In fact, he’s already taken care of it.


Inside the house, the pizza girl knocks on the door and when Matt answers she says she ran out of gas and asks if she could use the phone. He says sure, but when she tries to come in we learn that she’s a vampire. Jeremy sees her standing at the door and tells her to come in. Since she’s now been invited in, she takes a cautious step across the threshold and then continues to strut in. When Matt comes back, she attacks him. Then Jeremy attacks her and drives a stake through her heart. When Damon comes in he and Matt watch as Jeremy’s tattoo grows further up his right arm.


Tyler arrives at the “class room” and Rebekah compels him to turn.  She orders them to stay in the room, “No running in the halls.” Now that she has Shane she doesn’t need them to find the cure. She again orders Tyler to turn, then she leaves to go back to Kol and Shane, leaving Tyler to kill Caroline, Elena, and Stefan. But he starts breaking up and knocking over furniture in an effort to not turn. He doesn’t want to be a killer.


At the chemistry lab, Bonnie discovers April and April tells her she knows she’s a witch and tells her that Rebekah has compelled her friends and plans on compelling Shane. Bonnie knows Shane can’t be compelled, only tortured, so she asks April to find salt so she can create a protection spell. They pour salt into beakers and Bonnie goes into a trance. Suddenly the salt bursts into flames. Meanwhile, Kol is dunking Shane into a vat of water, but then the spell starts to work. Suddenly as Shane takes water into his lungs, the water ends up in April’s lungs. She starts to cough. Then water starts to come out of her mouth. Between dunkings Shane tells Rebekah he knows about the cure. He knows about Silas. They can have the cure. He just wants Silas. Rebekah tells him Silas is a myth, concocted to scare children. Silas is real and Shane knows where he’s buried. Rebekah accuses him of blowing up the council. “A noble sacrifice,” Shane says, and Silas will bring back from the dead everybody who died on his behalf. Kol stabs Shane with a metal pole and Shane appears to die, but back in the chemistry lab, April’s blouse oozes with blood as she begins to die in his place thanks to the protection spell. After Rebekah and Kol leave. Shane comes back to life and pulls the metal pole out of his chest.


Tyler has turned and Elena, Stefan, and Caroline are on the run from him. They’re chased into an area where they can close some double doors and they use a fire ax to bar the door. Then they use some locker doors. Finally the sound and sight of Tyler breaking through the door stops. They open the door to see that he’s gone and go to the chemistry lab where they find Bonnie and a dying April. Somehow her protection spell linked April with Shane. They tell them to get out of the school, but they can’t because they’ve been compelled.


Bad time for Elena to try and talk to Stefen. “How many ways can you rip out my hear,” he screams at her. Oh, let me count the ways!


Caroline finds Tyler, naked on the floor after he managed to get control of himself and change back. She tells him it wasn’t his fault as she covers him with a blanket and holds him as he cries over the death of his mother. “The whole thing’s my fault. I should have saved her.”
Back in the chemistry lab, Elena and Stefan are reunited with Rebekah. She offered to compel Stefan to forget her and everything about their relationship, just like Klaus had compelled Stefan to forget everything about his relationship with her, Rebekah. Elena says, “No.” But Stefan says, “Yes.” Well, “That would be too easy,” says Rebekah. “But now you know how he really fells,” she tells Elena. Her eternity of pain is her revenge. They can go now. She doesn’t need them anymore. Elena watches as Stefan coldly turns his back on her and walks away.


Bonnie goes back to Shane’s office where’s in the process of changing. He tells her Kol is a problem. She tells him she almost kill April and she doesn’t want to use black magic. He explains that it’s not black magic, but “expression” is a way of doing magic that isn’t monitored by nature or the spirits. “It isn’t a clear path, but it also has no limits. How you use it is up to you.” She’s the key to everything. He’s not going to let anything bad happen to her.


Back at the lake house, Damon is burying the pizza girl when Elena calls him. “Hope your day’s going better than mine,” he says. Elena tells him Stefan know about them. She asks how Jeremy’s doing and thanks him for taking care of her brother. When he tells her he has to go she tells him she has to tell him something first. Today she realized something. She realized that whether it’s the sire bond or not, she really loves him. She in love with him she tells him again and again. He’s a little stunned but you can tell he’s thrilled. He tells her he’s to get the cure for her and he may have to do things she doesn’t like. Then he tells her to get in her car and come to him. “I’ll be there soon,” she smiles happily as they hang up.


Rebekah shows up at Stefan’s place, at his invitation. She wants to get the cure and force it down Klaus’ throat and look into his eyes as he realizes he’s mortal again. The problem is that Shane is now dead so she doesn’t know how to find the cure. Stefan tells her about Bonnie’s spell and that Shane’s not dead. Rebekah reveals Shane has an agenda and it’s a dark one. He blew up the council and plans on using Silas to wake the dead and the 12 hybrids that were killed. He tells her about “expression.” They both hate their brothers. Damon’s got Jeremy. Klaus has the sword. Shane has Bonnie. That leaves the two of them. Whoever finds the cure first gets to decide what to do with it. They agree to be partners.


April tells Sheriff Liz and the interim Mayor, Bonnie’s father, that her father had no reason to kill anybody or himself. Professor Shane brain washed him and orchestrated his death and the 11 that died with him. “It’s time this entire town started telling the truth,” she says.
At the town near the lake house, Damon, Matt, Jeremy and Klaus enter a pool hall and find everybody lying around dead. Klaus tells them they’re not dead, only in transition. “Killing them is your job,” he tells Jeremy. Jeremy tells Damon that he told him he was going to convince Klaus to do this another way. “Well, I thought about,” says Damon, “and then I realized his idea was better.”


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