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The Vampire Diaries 4×11 Catch Me If You Can Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 01/25/2013

The Vampire Diaries 4×11 Catch Me If You Can Recap and Review

The Vampire Diaries 4x11 Catch Me If You CanThe Vampire Diaries 4×11 Catch Me If You Can Synopsis: Jeremy is angry at Klaus for using Matt to control him. Damon prepares Jeremy for Klaus’ vampires, but Kol beats them to it. Rebekah reminds Stefan of their past. Kol tries to convince everyone to stop looking for the cure. Sheriff Forbes and Mayor Hopkins interrogate Shane about the Founder’s Council deaths, but Bonnie has some questions of her own. Elena tries to keep Jeremy safe by negotiating with Klaus, but in the end comes up with a plan of her own.

The Vampire Diaries 4×11 Guest stars: Joseph Morgan as Klaus; Kayla Ewell as Vicki Donovan; Matt Davis as Alaric Saltzman; Sara Canning as Jenna Sommers.

The Vampire Diaries 4×11, “Catch Me If You Can,” begins with a bang as Jeremy shoots a vamp with his crossbow as he’s attacking Matt. Don’t mess with Jeremy’s friends, you nasty vamps! This Matt attack is the result of Klaus compelling all the pool hall newly made vamps to attack Matt and only Jeremy can save him by killing them. Jeremy tells Matt, who can barely move now, that he has to keep going because the other vamps will smell his blood. They need to get inside the cabin for protection as soon as possible, even though Damon tells them it will take awhile for the new vamps to learn how to track them. But it looks like some learn quicker than others, because one jumps Matt and Elena rushes to his rescue. After they’re safely in the cabin, Elena wants to know what’s up. What’s up is the woods are filled with new vamps and they’re heading to the cabin to grab some Matt snacks! Yummy!


Fortunately, by morning Jeremy sees the herd has left the scene, but Elena is still po’d at Damon for endangering her brother. Damon explains it was the fastest way for Jeremy’s hunter’s mark to be completed so they can go and get the cure for her. But Elena could care less about the cure, she just wants her loved ones to be safe. Damon tells her Jeremy wouldn’t be in danger if he would just kill all of them. Elena always tries to have Matt’s back, so she wants to come up with some plan to protect Matt once the sun goes down and the vamps come back out to play. Damon suggests if he and Jeremy go hunting then she can take Matt home. Love sick Damon tells her to trust him and he promises to keep Jeremy safe. But who will keep Damon safe from Jeremy?  After all, Jeremy is a vampire hunter/slayer now.


Looks like Stefan has moved on. When he comes out of the shower he finds Rebekah all comfy cozy in his bed reading his diary. She chides him about all the mushy stuff about Elena in his diary. He tells her he’s done with Elena. She asks him if, after they have the cure and Elena is human again, if his feelings will change back. He doesn’t answer. Rebekah tells him Shane has the key to resurrecting Silas – the headstone. Once they steal it from Shane he’ll have to help them.


Speaking of the devil, I mean Shane, he’s trying to help Bonnie stay calm with breath exercises. She’s upset because she almost killed April with her expression spell trying to save him. Since she now has all this power she feels out of control. Shane takes her hand and tries to reassure her. Just then Liz and one of her cops break up this lovely romantic scene and orders Bonnie to leave. Shane tells them they don’t have jurisdiction there, so they proceed to remove him from his jurisdiction to Mystic Falls, their jurisdiction.


Back at the cabin, it looks like all the vamps have returned to their bar. Jeremy doesn’t want Damon’s advice. Since Elena isn’t there for him to impress, “You don’t have to pretend you care.” Damon tells him “I’m trying to keep you alive, dumbass.” Is he offended or annoyed?

When they get to the bar, music is blaring and there’s blood smeared everywhere. They go through some plastic hanging strips into the cooler and find all the vampires dead and stacked up like cord wood. Kol arrives and takes credit for the massacre. “I prefer more intimate gatherings,” he says. “And we three need to have a chat.”


All of Klaus’ bragging about Jeremy’s hunter’s mark led him straight to the bar. Kol tells them that raising Silas for the cure is dangerous. It would mean the end of all time. They can see why, being an immortal, he’s opposed to this. “So I murdered all of them,” he tells them. He can’t let them raise Silas so “call off this imbecilic treasure hunt.” He can’t kill Jeremy because, “then I’d have to deal with the hunter’s curse.” Instead he’ll just rip Jeremy’s arms off. Damon, Jeremy’s self-appointed protector and mentor, attacks Kol and tells Jeremy to get out of there. Kol gets Damon in a choke hold.


In Shane’s office, Stefan and Rebekah are tearing up his office looking for the key. She finds a bottle of herbs and offers them to Stefan, but he doesn’t want them. “You were more fun in the 1920s,” she tells him. “I was a psychotic killer with no emotions,” he reminds her. She tries to make him remember all the fun they had, and they should start having some more fun. She says Shane won’t be back for awhile, “I made sure of it.”


At the police station, Shane tells Liz it’s ridiculous that they’re accusing him of the council’s murder. Bonnie tells her dad, the Mayor, that the pastor was crazy. Her dad warns her about Shane. He says April told him that Shane confessed to them about the murders and Rebekah confired it. Bonnie, feeling her power, tells her dad, “If he’s going to admit it to anyone it’s going to be me.” Then she heads into the interrogation cell. Liz tells her she’s not wanted there, but one look from Bonnie and Liz leaves. Bonnie tells Shane that Rebakah said he confessed, but Bonnie know it’s a lie. “It’s not a lie,” he confesses.


Bonnie turns the camera off as Shane insists he’s not a killer. “It was a ritual to get the cure,” to raise Silas. It doesn’t matter that they were killed because Silas will bring them back. “You’re full-on crazy,” Bonnie tells him. “No,” he says, “I’m not a killer, Bonnie. I’m passionate.” Shane reminds her that she told him in their session that she was concerned that doing magic would hurt her Grandmother. “Wouldn’t you like to see her again?” he asks. She asks him if she helps him will it bring her Grandmother back. “Don’t play on my guilt, Shane,” she says. Bonnie flips out and tortures Shane’s right hand as she makes flames flare up on the floor. Shane tells her that her reckless use of magic is why her Grandmother is being tortured. He can tell she likes using her magic. “You can’t stop, can you. All this power that you’re feeling,” Shane tells her. Her dad, the Mayor, walks in and tells her to stop. She tells him to get out. Shane tries to gain control of the situation, “Look at me,” Shane says. “Now take a deep breath. You are in complete control.” Suddenly the flames go out and his hand is freed. Bonnie leaves. “Your daughter is a prodigy,” Shane tells Bonnie’s dad. “With my guidance she can be one of the most powerful witches in the world. But without it, she’s a time bomb.”


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Bonnie apologizes to her dad, then she blows up at him and makes candle flames flare when he tells her he’s going to get some help for her. She’s lost control and starts telling her what Shane told him. She stops him and tells him she doesn’t like him listening to Shane. He tells her that if she thinks she doesn’t need help it just means that she needs it even more.


Back in Mystic Falls, Matt tells Elena she should never have trusted Damon. Before she turned she would never have trusted Jeremy to Damon. Jeremy calls Elena and tells her Kol has Damon and that he barely escaped. She decides to ask Klaus for help. Klaus tells her that Kol never liked Damon. She demands that Klaus call Kol off. “You’re in no position to make demands, love,” Klaus says, but they both want the cure, although Klaus wants to destroy it. Klaus calls Kol and tells him to back off Jeremy and leave Damon alone or Klaus will put him “back in his box.” He tells Klaus that he gave Damon a good beating, but he leaves off the part about compelling Damon to shove a knife into his stomach as well as compelling him to find and kill Jeremy.


Elena and Jeremy have a big fight over the hunter thing. He’s disgusted that she trusts Damon when all Damon wants is the map that he’ll become when he kills enough vampires. When she starts to come closer he flips into hunter mode with a stake. He stops himself before striking. “I care about you,” he tells her. “I really want to get the cure for you but I don’t know how I’m going to do this.”


Stefan and Rebekah are still looking for stuff in Shane’s office. Most of his stuff deals with death and related rituals. Stefan throws one of the ritual knives at her and she easily grabs it before it sticks her between the eyes. She tells him she didn’t erase Elena from his memory because he needed to learn but because she wanted to go back to 1920 when they didn’t care about anything except “drinking, feeding, sex.” “Crazy sex is always good,” he tells her, because she’s crazy. Rebekah reminds him that he’s not exactly the model of sanity himself. She moves closer to him. “Stop caring” she says as she kisses him. They’re interrupted when they hear somebody enter Shane’s office. He snoops around and finally finds Silas’ headstone, the key. Rebekah grabs him by the neck. “Good, you found it,” she tells him. “Question is, who are you.”


Rebekah tortures the guy by digging one of those ritualistic knives into his arm. She licks the blood off the knife. He’s full of vervain, so she knows he wasn’t compelled. Stefan suggests they take him home and wait for the vervain to wear off, then compel him into telling them what they want to know. Suddenly blood spurts from the guy’s mouth. “He just bit off his own tongue.” says Stefan. Stefan stabs him in the neck. As they try to figure out which brother may have sent the guy to find the key, Stefan theorizes that there may be a third team in the mix.


Rebekah holds a dagger to Kol’s back and tells him that Klaus will be furious if he kills Jeremy. If she kills him the compelling will stop. Kol flips around, grabs the dagger and points it at her. Klaus stops Kol when he comes in, “Enough of this foolishness,” he says. “Put it down, Kol.” Kol leaves. Klaus tells her she needs to learn how to “properly dagger a sibling.” Rebekah glares at him, “Burn in hell.”


Matt is bussing tables at the grill. Elena asks if he’s okay. Then Damon comes in looking for Jeremy. Damon sees Jeremy and his eyes glare at him. Elena tries to get his attention, enough to give Jeremy time to escape. Jeremy hides in the store room with a gun as Damon heads toward him. He tells Elena that Kol must have compelled him to kill Jeremy and he has to kill him now once he finds him. Elena follows Damon into the store room, but Jeremy has retreated into some tunnels leading out of the store room. Suddenly Damon is gone, too. He’s disappeared into the tunnels where Jeremy went. Damon calls to him and tells him to stop. He’s been compelled and if he finds him he’s going to have to kill him, so “run for your life.”


Elena calls Stefan, but Rebekah grabs his phone. She tells Rebekah about Kol compelling Damon to kill Jeremy. She tells Rebekah to tell Stefan that if he cares about her or the cure or Jeremy to please come help. Rebekah rings off, “That’s an interesting predicament for both of them.”


In the tunnels, Damon yells at Jeremy to keep running. Jeremy springs at him and Damon knocks him down. Jeremy shoots him. Damon tells him to shoot him in the heart. If Jeremy doesn’t stop him, then he’s going to kill Jeremy. “You know you want to,” Damon says. “Do it.” Damon starts to move toward Jeremy. Jeremy shoots.


But not in the heart. Damon wakes up groaning in the tunnels and pulls a bullet out of his head. “You’re an idiot for shooting me in the head,” he says. “Borderline, brain dead moron. That was dumb Jeremy. Should have killed me when you had the chance.” And with that Damon is after Jeremy again.


Outside of the tunnels, Jeremy collapses next to a tree, exhausted and bleeding from a wound in his arm. Damon storms toward Jeremy, but Elena gets between them and asks him to stop. He says he doesn’t want to hurt Jeremy, but he’s been compelled, “I can’t stop.” She tells him to resist. He can do this, “Because I love you. Because you love me. So please do this for me.” Jeremy’s in pain from the wound he inflicted on himself. “Sorry,” says Damon and tells Jeremy to shoot him now. Suddenly Stefan zips in between Damon and Jeremy and pins Damon, then snaps his neck. He turns to Elena “You’re welcome.”


Damon, weak from being bled and “dead,” is in their prison cell in their house. Damon tells Stefan they have to go after Kol to make him stop the compulsion. But Stefan intends to keep Damon locked up until the compulsion is broken. After they find the cure and Elena is no longer sired to Damon, “Then you can do whatever the hell you want,” he tells Damon.


Elena arrives and wants to see Damon. She tells him she won’t release him. “You won’t have a choice,” says Stefan. “You’re sired” She asks him why he’s with Rebekah. But it’s none of her business. She apologizes for asking, but he tells her he doesn’t really care. “I guess nobody’s perfect,” he says. Elena thinks he’s hurt and just acting out his feelings. She knows this isn’t him. But it is him. She’s just never seen the real him. The one he is when he’s not in love with her. “I’ll let Damon know you stopped by,” he says, dismissing her. Elena takes the hint and leaves.


Klaus arrives at Elena’s and Jeremy’s house, to get “his hunter.” Jeremy will be safer with Klaus now that Kol is after him. Klaus tells them  Kol will stop at nothing to get what he wants, “so strange as it may seem, I’m your best bet.” Elena tells him they’ll take their chances without him.  ”Fine,” Klaus says. “But when Kol does come, and he will come, be sure to let me know. Preferably before he burns your nice little home to the ground. And as for you, hunter,” he continues, “there’s no shortage of people to turn, or loved ones to threaten, so sleep well. We’ll plan on finishing our work tomorrow.”


Stefan barges in as Rebekah is drinking. “So we just barge right in,” she tells him. “Oh, I thought not knocking was our thing,” he comes back at her. He’s surprised that she wasn’t successful daggering Kol. “Well, the white oak stake pointed at my heart made things a little difficult,” she tells him. “Kol has finally lost his mind.” But Jeremy’s still alive and Damon’s taken care of. He wants to know where she put the headstone. “Someplace safe,” she tells him. But that wasn’t their deal. “But considering that you’ve betrayed me twice and I’ve betrayed you never,” she thought she was acting brilliantly. And besides they really don’t know who the guy was or who he was working for. “Did you work things out with Elena?” she wants to know. “Do you care,” he wants to know. No, she doesn’t. Just wants to know why he’s there. Does she have to ask? He comes closer. “No feelings. No attachments,” Rebekah says, to which Stefan responds, “None whatsoever.”


Jeremy tells Elena that it’s never going to end. “If Kol doesn’t kill me first, then Klaus is just going to force me to kill more innocent people.” How many will it take? Ten? A hundred? Elena tells him if he kills one original vampire, their entire sire line will die with them. That’s thousands, maybe tens of thousands of vampires. “Kol compelled Damon to kill you,” she tells him. “You’re going to kill Kol instead.”



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