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The Vampire Diaries 4×12 A View to a Kill Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 02/01/2013

The Vampire Diaries 4×12 A View to a Kill Recap and Review

The Vampire Diaries 4x12 A View to a Kill The Vampire Diaries 4×12 A View to a Kill Synopsis: Klaus turns to Stefan for help when Rebekah refuses his plea to stop Kol and protect Jeremy. Meanwhile, Bonnie has a frightening encounter with Kol; after Mayor Hopkins cancels a school dance, Stefan finds a charming way to make it up to a disappointed Rebekah.

The Vampire Diaries 4×12 Guest stars: Rick Worthy as Mayor Hopkins; Claire Holt as Rebekah; Nathaniel Buzolic as Kol.

This episode of The Vampire Diaries gets us one step closer to the cure. Depending on who gets it first, it should be interesting to see how things shake out. Elena doesn’t care about the cure, she just wants to make sure Jeremy is safe. Damon wonders if Elena will still love him if she’s cured. Klaus wants to destroy it because it could mean the end of everything. Stefan seems to want Elena back, but then there’s Rebekah. Rebekah in his bed. Rebekah at the dance. Rebekah his partner, as they look for the cure. Rebekah who would really like to be human again. Bonnie’s expressions are getting very pronounced, and thanks to her Klaus has become boxed. It was kind of funny watching Klaus as he came up against the invisible walls of the box that Bonnie restrained him in when he threatened to burn the Gilbert house down. Mime classes came in handy! And if this had been on a cable channel, Klaus would have had great fun with all the expletives he could have uttered.
The Vampire Diaries 4×12, “A View to a Kill,” begins with a closeup of Stefan. He’s done the dirty with Rebekah. Naughty, naughty! After delicately moving her hand off his hip, he zips around getting dressed as Rebekah sleeps peacefully.  However, aren’t vampires not supposed to sleep? Stefan opens the door and surprise, surprise! Who should be there but Klaus. Can we say “awkward!” Rebekah’s not too happy to see him, but he’s not there to reprimand her choice of sleeping partners. Turns out Kol ran away with Klaus’ set of daggers and is running around “with homicide on the brain.” Kol’s irrational fear of Silas has pushed him over the edge, so he wants to put Kol down before does any more damage. Klaus knows she has the last dagger and some of the white oak ash and he’d really like it if she’d give them to him, and not in the heart. But he can file that request under, “No chance in Hell!”


After Rebekah goes to shower, Klaus tells Stefan to talk some sense into her. Stefan tells him to do it himself because he has to go home and “play prison guard to Damon” who’s on lockdown since Kol compelled him to kill Jeremy. That’s Klaus’ point. If Kol is allowed to run free, then Jeremy won’t live t see his Junior prom and they can kiss the map to the cure good-bye. But if they kill Kol, Damon won’t be compelled, Jeremy will live, and they all be on their merry way “to a human Elena.” Don’t you just love Klaus? He’s just so thoughtful!


Meanwhile Bonnie’s busy blowing up balloons for the dance as she and Elena discuss the fact that nobody’s helping Bonnie and Elena is babysitting Jeremy to keep him safe. Elena does the dishes as Matt and Jeremy play video games to hone their vampire killing skills. Elena tells Bonnie that she has a plan. She wants Jeremy to kill Kol. If he kills Kol, then every vampire he’s sired and every vampire his sired vampires have sired (got that!!!) will be dead. With that long line of dead vampires, Jeremy’s hunter’s mark will be complete and they’ll be on their way to the cure. Interesting theory, although I thought Jeremy had to physically kill each vampire with his own hands. Anyways, Bonnie agrees to help. Then suddenly Elenas hands start to burn, which leads Bonnie to call her Dad, the interim Mayor, who admits to putting vervain in the Mystic Falls water supply. And to put the cherry on top, he’s instituted a curfew and has cancelled all town events, including the dance. He has to protect the town someway. Bonnie informs him that protecting the town is her job and things were fine before he got involved.


Then Kol shows up and gets a neck lock on Bonnie because “Nobody can get the cure if you’re too dead to find it.” But Bonnie is so powerful now that she drops a sceaming Kol to his knees and for good means pops a bunch of balloons and blows the doors off of some of the hall lockers. Then she leaves Kol to writhe in his misery.


At the “jail,” Stefan and Klaus discuss Damon, who asks Stefan if he’s going to snap his neck again. Damon discovers that Klaus will be his new “baby sitter” and tells Klaus to feel free to drain him if he gets too annoyed with him. Stefan puts a square bottle of liquid (booze maybe?) on the grate in the door and tells Klaus to give Damon a vial of blood every couple of hours so he doesn’t dessicate. Damon says he’s just pissed because he slept with Elena. Klaus tells Damon about Stefan and Rebekah. “Well, well,” says Damon. “Looks like my brother ripped out a page of my revenge sex handbook.” Stefan tells them to enjoy their villain bonding time and he’ll let them know when he gets the dagger from Rebekah.


As Stefan leaves, he gets a call from Elena and thinks she’s calling about Damon. She tells him Kol tried to kill Bonnie and tries to get him to help kill Kol. Bonnie’s powerful enough to restrain Kol while Jeremy kills him. Stefan reminds her that if they kill Kol they’ll have to answer to the revenge from Klaus and Rebekah. Elena suggests daggering Rebekah and putting her back in the box, but he refuses. He doesn’t tell her that he and Rebekah are now partners in searching for the cure. Stefan pretends to go along with her plan, but really now? We’ll see.


Elena calls Kol and asks for a truce. She wants to talk to him about Silas. He agrees. He’ll come right over. And right over he comes. Immediately the doorbell rings and there’s Kol. “You want a truce?” he says to Elena. “Open the door and invite me in.” He tells her he can’t kill Jeremy with his own hands or he’ll suffer the hunters curse and try to kill himself in gruesome ways. She tells him she’ll only invite him in if he lets Jeremy leave. He agrees, so Jeremy invites him in and slips out the back door as Kol slips in the front door.


Rebekah is busy picking out a dress for the dance when Stefan tells her it’s cancelled. She accuses him of just coming back for the dagger and asks him if he regrets their fling. He doesn’t regret it at all and would do it again. He asks if she really cared about the school dance. “I don’t. I was just bored,” she says. But they can still go to the dance. He likes breaking the rules, so it could just be the two of them.


Klaus and Damon chat about Jeremy and how Damon was supposed to train him. And when Klaus turned a room “full of bar flies into vampires,” Damon let Kol kill them instead. Klaus wants to know why Elena loves Damon in spite of all the horrific things he’s ever done. So what is it? Compulsion? Manipulation? “What is it you say to her,” he mournfully asks. He’s so love sick for Caroline. Damon thinks Klaus murdered Tyler’s mother and Klaus is afraid that Caroline will never forgive him. “I don’t mind being the bad guy,” Damon says, “because somebody’s got to fill that role and get things done.” Klaus does things for the wrong reason, “You do things to be a dick.” Klaus thinks that assessment of him is debatable. “If you’re going to be bad, be bad with a purpose,” advises Damon, “otherwise you’re just not worth forgiving.”


Kol and Elena chit chat and he tells her they once lived in New Orleans, “until Klaus shoved a dagger in my heart.” He suggests she in an alliance with Klaus, but she denies it. She tells him she’s willing to give up on the search for the cure in exchange for his promise to leave Jeremy alone. He asks her if she’s ever killed anybody. She killed one person. How many has he killed? “You lose track over the years,” Kol says. When the subject returns to Silas, Kol tells her the cure will raise Silas which will bring hell on earth. He tells her, “I’ll take your request for a truce under advisement.”


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Meanwhile, Bonnie is looking for her phone, which is in her Dad’s hand after he confiscated it, as well as her car keys. He tells her she can’t leave. Jeremy comes looking for her and her dad tries to stop her, “You’re like a ticking time bomb.” But Bonnie just pushes him out of the way, “It’s not your life. It’s mine.  Stop telling me what to do.” As she starts to leave her mother, Abby, shows up and orders her back into the house. Yeah, right! That’s not going to happen. Abby demands to know who Shane is and what lies he’s been telling her. Jeremy knows Abby’s a vampire and instinctively lunges to stake her, but Bonnie stops him. “Look at me,” she tells him. He comes out of his hunter’s stupor and she tells him to go and she’ll be right behind him. Abby orders her to stop helping Elena. Bonnie tells Abby it’s not black magic but expression. There’s a cure for vampirism and her magic can help save her as well as Elena. “I’m not the one that needs to be save,” she tells Bonnie, “you are.” With that she grabs Bonnie by the neck and knocks her out and her dad rushes in to help disable her.


At the gym, Stefan plugs in his iPod and plays some tunes, then turns on the party lights. They’re both dressed in 80′s clothes. He tells Rebekah the 80s were great, but she doesn’t remember them because she was in a box. Stefan pins what looks like a pair of rabbits feet on Rebekah’s dress, then they dance.


When Jeremy comes home, Elena is alone. She tried to stall Kol as long as she could. Then the doorbells rings and Kol is back. “I’ve considered your request for a truce,” he says. “Request is denied.” With that, he kicks in the door and comes in but they’re hiding. “Hide and seek. Fine by me,” he says.


Back in the “jail,” Klaus wonders what taking Stefan so long getting the dagger from Rebekah. Klaus tosses a vial of blood at Damons feet and asks him if Elena is disappointed that he can’t overcome the compulsion to kill Jeremy. Once they find the cure and Elena is human again she won’t want him anymore. “All I see is Stefan and Elena. I think you see the same thing.” Klaus says. Then Klaus gets a call from Kol. Jeremy and Elena are trying to kill him so he’s going to rip Jeremy’s arms off, kill Elena, and then come for him. Klaus, in a rage, grabs Damon by the throat and holds him against the wall, demanding to know what he know about the plan, but Damon doesn’t know anything. Klaus tries to compel him to stay there until he returns, then he leaves. Damon agrees, but once Klaus is gone, “I will stay here until you return,” Damon says “or not!” The bottle of fluid Stefan gave him is now spilled on the floor. I have no idea what it was or what the significance is of it being shown.


At the gym Stefan and Rebekah are having a good time dancing to the music and kicking balloons. Stefan offers her some liquor he took from a teacher’s desk. He tells her she reminds him of Lexie, the vampire he spent the 80s with. She asks if they were intimate, but he says they were just good friends, “I was a better person when I was with her. Until Elena. And now she’s gone.” In fact they are both gone, but in different ways. When a balloon pops Stefan jumps. She tells him not to worry about Kol because she has the dagger strapped to her leg. Behind her back, Stefan sends a text about the dagger.


Back at the Gilbert house, Elena is running from and fighting Kol, but wherever she goes he’s right back afte her. Finally he kicks in a door and Kol is bombarded with gunfire and arrows from a crossbow. They’re not successful and finally run. Kol grabs a stair post and uses is as a stake to stake Elena through the stomach and into the wall, then grabs Jeremy and drags him downstairs where he puts him on the counter with his hands tied.


Back at the gym, Stefan shows Rebekah how to slide on the floor. She tries it but her shoes are sliding material. He suggests that she remove her shoes. But she knows he’s after the dagger.  She pulls the dagger out and hands it to him. She tells him she cares. She wants love and kids and all that. “I want to be human. Let’s go find the cure.”


Abby is mixing a potion to keep Bonnie drugged and cleanse her mind of the poison Shane filled it with. Bonnie is up and at ‘em and takes her Mom down. “I don’t belong to the spirits anymore,” she tells her. “I belong to myself.” Then she walks out.


Jeremy is strapped to the counter and Kol has a really big butcher knife to chop off his arms. But he’ll give him some blood afterward so he won’t die. He wants to know which arm it is, then decides he’ll just chop them both off. Then Elena attacks! Jeremy unties himself, grabs the sink sprayer, and sprays Kol with vervain. Kol screams in pain. “Now,” yells Elena, and Jeremy stakes him in the heart. Kol goes up in flames and crumples to the floor. Dead. Elena looks out the front door and there stands Klaus. At first he appears dumbfounded. Then he erupts in anger. Elena tells him they didn’t have a choice. He was going to cut off Jeremy arms and kill him. Klaus continues to scream about what they did. She reminds him that he was going to kill Kol himself. He tells her he’s going to burn their house down and when they flee he’s going to kill them both, “without blinking.” But if he kills Jeremy then he won’t get the cure so Elena can be human again so he can create more hybrids. Klaus confesses that he was going to destroy the cure.


Just as he’s about to attack he crumples on the porch and Bonnie rushes in, order them to invite Klaus in. When he comes in Bonnie imprisons him in an invisible box. He’s trapped, at least for awhile, and they leave. “I will hunt all of you to your end,” he screams at their retreating backs.


When Stefan tells Rebekah that Kol is dead she’s horrified. He tells her he’s not going to let the people he cares about be hurt by Kol, but he still wants to find the cure so she can have what she wants. “I want us to find this cure together. For you. So you can be human again. Everybody deserves a second chance.” “Why would I trust you?” she asks. “At the end of the day I guess you just have to take a leap.”


Jeremy stares at his arm but nothing’s happening. Bonnie suggests they should be patient. Damon arrives and embraces Elena. Stefan comes in with the Silas headstone. Now they have everything they need except for the hunter’s mark. Bonnie tells them Klaus won’t be trapped forever. The spell will only last three days.


Stefan confesses that he didn’t dagger Rebekah. “She’s on our side,” Stefan says, which is why Rebekah gave him the headstone. Damon asks if she, “pledged her allegiance to you while you were in the sack.” Oops! Damon didn’t know it was a secret. Elena gets upset for some reason, so Stefan tells Damon to use his sire bond to calm her down.


Suddenly Jeremy screams and rips off his shirt. “It’s happening,” he says as the mark grows up his arm and across his chest, becoming visible to everyone. “Here we go,” says Damon.




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