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The Walking Dead 3×08 Spoilers From Creator Robert Kirkman

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 11/27/2012

The Walking Dead 3x08 Spoilers From Creator Robert KirkmanThe Walking Dead 3×08 Spoilers From Creator Robert Kirkman



Here’s some new Walking Dead 3×08 Made to Suffer Spoilers from Creator Robert Kirkman’s interviews with The Hollywood Reporter and Entertainment Weekly.



Michonne’s knowledge about the prison survivors. Does she know that Rick and co. are Andrea’s former companions?

“She doesn’t know a lot of their names yet and she’s not aware of that yet.” says Kirkman. But when asked if Michonne can eventually solve that puzzle piece by piece, he assures that ” Oh yeah. All that is going to be coming together very quickly.”

Kirkman on Merle & Daryl’s reunion –

One of the main reasons of the clash was due to Merle’s search for Daryl. Might that be a reason for the governor to trust him less? Kirkman tells fans that the governor is definitely considering that fact, Merle is not all evil as what he seems. He still has a weakness and that is his want to reunite with his younger brother.

Now that he knows that there’s this chink in Merle’s armor, this weakness, he now knows that his brother is alive and is out there and that’s something that’s distracting him.

This is the apocalypse not rainbowland –

And if may some of you wonder if there will be bodies to get buried next week, Kirkman reminds fans that as long as we’re watching The Walking Dead, we should not expect a musical number where both teams hold hands and sing their hearts out.

I certainly wouldn’t expect everyone to get out of this coming confrontation completely unscathed. As far as how many people or if anyone is going to die, that remains to be seen.

Finally, the spoilers for the season 3 mid-season finale! Here goes the mighty dish:


We’ve got Rick and Daryl and Michonne and Oscar about to go to Woodbury and we’re going to see some pretty crazy stuff. That’s also our midseason finale so I would expect some surprises here and there. It’ll be another explosive, shocking episode of the Walking Dead!



The Walking Dead 3×08, ‘Made to Suffer,’ returns with the mid season finale on Sunday, December 2, 2012 at 9pm on AMC.




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