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Walking Dead’s Emma Bell Joins Season 2 of TNT’s Dallas

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/13/2012

The Walking Dead's Emma Bell Joins Season 2 of DallasDallas: Emma Bell joins the cast as a series regular in Season 2




The Walking Dead’s Emma Bell has been cast as a series regular for season 2 of TNT’s Dallas. Here’s an excerpt from the article, which gives some details on Bell’s role:



The actress will play Emma, a classic beauty who has enjoyed a privileged upbringing full of travel since she was a toddler. She was raised by her grandmother to be poised, graceful, and slightly aloof, while her father has ingrained in her a distrust of the larger world. If those clues ring any bells it might be because Emma is rumored to be the estranged daughter of Brenda Strong’s character, Ann Ewing.


Bell — whose other credits include guest spots on CSI: Miami, Supernatural and Dollhouse — will first appear in the Season 2 premiere, slated to air in



My thoughts: Out of all the TV shows that are mentioned in the article that Emma Bell has been on, I’ve only seen her on The Walking Dead. I liked her on The Walking Dead, but she also never really stood out very much on the show to me personally. I would say that probably has more to do with her character, Amy, than it had to do with her acting, so I’m going to keep an open mind when it comes to Emma Bell joining the cast of Dallas as a series regular.


As for Bell’s character, Emma, I have to say that I’m really excited to actually see what the character is like. In season 1 they revealed that Ann had a daughter, but I was unaware until I read the comments in the original article that Cynthia Cidre had apparently revealed somewhere that Emma is supposed to be the name of Ann’s daughter, so it looks like Emma Bell will be playing Ann’s daughter. If the comments that I read are indeed accurate, this was originally going to be revealed in the season 1 finale and the scenes revealing that Ann has a daughter named Emma were shot, but apparently Cynthia decided that it wasn’t the right time to reveal that information about Ann’s past, so the scenes were cut from the final version of the season finale. If they did shoot these scenes for the season finale, I personally would love to have the scenes be included on the season 1 DVD set. However, since having those scenes be included on the DVDs would give away this reveal before season 2 even starts and before the viewers get to see how the writers decide to handle that reveal about Ann’s past in season 2, I’m guessing those scenes from the season finale won’t be included on the DVDs.


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