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The Walking Dead’s First Look: The Governor

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/08/2012

Walking DeadThe third season of “The Walking Dead” will feature the introduction of one of the most formidable villains on the AMC series: The Governor (David Morrissey), a character from Robert Kirkman’s graphic novels who is the vicious leader of Woodbury, a small settlement of survivors. has the exclusive first look at The Governor, who also becomes one of Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) greatest foes in the comic series.


The third season of AMC’s television series The Walking Dead is scheduled to premiere in October 2012 and will feature 16 episodes. There will be a few new faces and if they didn’t die in the final, all the mainstays will be back. Nonetheless here is a Walking Dead Season three character breakdown:


The third season features seven major roles receiving star billing, all returning from the previous season; six were listed as main cast members in the second season, while the last is promoted from recurring status. Andrew Lincoln portrays the series’ protagonist Rick Grimes, a former deputy sheriff from King County, Georgia, who has established himself as the group’s leader. Sarah Wayne Callies portrays Lori Grimes, Rick’s wife and Carl’s mother. Laurie Holden portrays Andrea, a former successful civil rights attorney, who was separated from the group at the end of the second season. Steven Yeun portrays Glenn, a former pizza delivery boy. Chandler Riggs portrays Carl Grimes, Rick and Lori’s young son.Norman Reedus portrays Daryl Dixon, an insecure Southern redneck who’s also the group’s primary hunter. Lauren Cohan portrays Maggie Greene, Hershel’s tomboyish eldest daughter and Glenn’s lover; Cohan was promoted to the main cast from being a recurring cast member in the second season.

Several recurring cast members are to return. Melissa McBride portrays Carol Peletier, a former victim of domestic abuse who is now the last surviving member of her family. IronE Singleton portrays Theodore “T-Dog” Douglas, a well-intentioned but clumsy survivor who struggles to prove his worth to the group. Scott Wilson portrays Hershel Greene, a religious man and trained veterinarian who owned a ranch where the group had stayed before it was overrun by walkers. Emily Kinney portrays Beth Greene, Hershel’s emotionally troubled youngest daughter. Michael Rooker portrays Merle Dixon, an unruly Southern redneck and older brother to Daryl. Merle had gone missing in the middle of the first season.

Two new cast members have been added to the third season. David Morrissey will portray The Governor, a major antagonist in the comic series; and Danai Gurira will portray Michonne, the hooded figure that saves Andrea in the season two finale and a prominently featured character in the comic series.


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