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The White Queen 1×03 Press Release Spoilers

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/21/2013

the_white_queen-showThe White Queen 1×03 Press Release Spoilers








The White Queen 1×03 Press Release Spoilers

Ep 3/10
Sunday 30 June

When Parliament refuse to support Warwick and George, Warwick loses his nerve and Edward escapes. Elizabeth wants vengeance for her father and brother but Edward shocks her by saying no; he is set on reconciliation.
News of Edward’s escape thwarts Margaret and her husband is promptly passed over for a title by Edward, a result of her offering her support to his brother George.

It’s Christmas as Warwick and George return to court and Elizabeth is forced to welcome them. Anne and Isabel are to be her ladies-in-waiting, an arrangement that suits none of the women – but it would only be until Isabel goes into confinement to give birth – to what she hopes will be a son. Edward knows that he needs to offer Warwick and George inducements to stay loyal.

Jasper arrives at Stafford’s manor with news of another uprising. He wants Stafford to bring his men but Stafford refuses. Margaret is ashamed and calls him a traitor and a coward. As Jasper leaves, Margaret gives him the silver cross from around her neck to keep him safe; she promises that she’ll tell her half-brother Richard Welles to bring an army to Jasper’s side.

Isabel and Anne are happy to have left the court as they arrive home to Warwick castle for Isabel’s confinement, but Warwick tells them he and George are riding out to support King Edward against a so-called ‘Lancastrian’ uprising fronted by Richard Welles. But really they have orchestrated this themselves and once on the battlefield they will kill King Edward and make George King. Anne and Isabel are horrified at the treasonous, ungodly lengths their father will go to.

Elizabeth is once again pregnant as Edward rides out against the rebellion. Elizabeth warns him to beware Warwick and George, but Edward is confident of his trust in them now. The women pray for the outcome they desire, Elizabeth for Edward’s victory and safety, Margaret for his defeat and death, Anne and Isabel that their father knows what he is doing….

Welles’ courage fails and he tells King Edward of the plot against him. In a fury Edward kills him. Jasper Tudor flees to France leaving Margaret’s young son Henry alone at Pembroke.

Jacquetta warns that Edward has created new enemies with this and no-one will trust him again. Elizabeth’s concern is that Warwick and George have sailed for Calais. If Warwick reaches Calais he will easily raise an army to come against them. They have to stop him getting there. Elizabeth and Jacquetta summon a storm.

The storm is brewing as Margaret and Stafford head to Pembroke to her son, Henry Tudor. Out at sea, Anne and Isabel are in terror for their lives as the storm worsens. Isabel’s waters have broken and she badly needs a midwife, but the ship can’t get to shore. Isabel begs her sister for help but Anne is distraught that she can do nothing…

The boat finally arrives in Calais… only to have canon fired at them as Calais has remained loyal to King Edward IV. They are stranded out at sea, with nowhere to go and no help. So when Isabel finally gives birth, her baby – a boy – is born dead.


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