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The White Queen 1×05 Press Release Spoilers

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/01/2013

white-queen-bbcone-finish-04The White Queen 1×05 Press Release Spoilers






The White Queen 1×05 Press Release Spoilers 

Ep 5/10
Sunday 14 July

Warwick has restored King Henry VI to the throne but, doubtful of George’s loyalty, has ordered his daughter (and George’s wife) Isabel back to England to keep him on side. Warwick’s younger daughter, Anne, is forced to trust her former enemies and travels with Margaret of Anjou to fight against York.
They plan to sail back to England but a storm delays their travels. With George absent from court, Warwick can only hope that the storm is preventing the York hero King Edward IV from sailing too.

Meanwhile, safe in sanctuary, Edward secretly visits his dear wife Elizabeth – to see his son at least once before the looming battle. Warwick’s troops have left the city and are heading to face Edward’s army north of London. Edward, who is now accompanied by his once disloyal brother George, plans to defeat Warwick before Margaret of Anjou lands.

Lancastrian Margaret Beaufort is furious to hear that Elizabeth has had a baby boy; those loyal to York will champion this new heir, weakening her son Henry Tudor’s chance to take the throne. From Henry VI’s court, Henry Tudor and his Uncle Jasper decide to return to Wales and prepare for war. Margaret Beaufort is thrilled when her husband Stafford also readies for battle, until he reveals he’s not fighting for Lancaster but for York and Edward, believing that is the only chance of peace.

Elizabeth and Jacquetta turn once again to magic to breathe a cold mist into the air, hoping it will hide Edward’s army, giving him the element of surprise he needs to defeat Warwick’s army. A bloody battle is fought: Warwick falls and Edward is victorious.

Margaret of Anjou, her son Edward of Lancaster and his now wife Anne finally land in Devon to meet Warwick – but they are too late. Anne is devastated to learn of her father’s death and that her mother has abandoned her, escaping into sanctuary after being declared a traitor. Utterly alone, Anne has no choice but to follow Margaret and Edward as they race to Wales to meet Jasper.

Margaret Beaufort hears her husband was badly injured at the Battle of Barnet. She bravely goes to bring him home from the battlefield. However, Stafford’s plea that Margaret accepts the York victory is disregarded as she secretly writes to Jasper urging him to join forces with Margaret of Anjou.


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