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The White Queen 1×09 Press Release Spoilers

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/27/2013

the_white_queen-showThe White Queen 1×09 Press Release Spoilers







The White Queen 1×09 Press Release Spoilers

Ep 9/10
Sunday 11 August

Fearful of enemies, the new King Richard III honours those who he feels are loyal to him: Brackenbury, Buckingham and Stanley. Still not convinced that Elizabeth’s threat has gone away, Anne secretly talks to Brackenbury behind her husband’s back, wishing the Princes in the Tower dead.
Elizabeth is forced to find allies where she can and accepts Margaret Beaufort’s offer of help, hoping they will rescue the Princes. Her teenage daughter Lizzie warns her against it. The planned attack fails and all out rebellion is called. When Elizabeth hears a rumour that her boys in the tower are dead Elizabeth realises her daughter was right, and that Margaret, with her kinsman Buckingham, had most reason to kill them. She and Princess Lizzie use magic to flood the country, and scotch Margaret’s uprising and her son, Henry Tudor’s, invasion.

Margaret is giddy as she and Stanley plot with everyone, double and triple crossing them, to try to win her son the throne. But the final victory is snatched from her for now when torrential rain and flooding across the country cause the uprising to fail. Buckingham is arrested and executed.

Margaret ends up under house arrest, powerless and penniless: Stanley has betrayed her part in the rebellion to King Richard III. In return, Stanley has been given control of all Margaret’s lands, money and liberty. She is exiled into the country; her only link to the rest of the world is Stanley and she doesn’t know whose side he’s even on.

Anne finds being queen an anxious experience and is concerned that her words to Brackenbury were the cause of the young Princes in the Tower’s deaths. Richard III is desperate to find his nephews alive and is devastated by the rumours accusing him of their murder.

Having worked out who his real enemies are, he visits Elizabeth and expresses that he has feelings for her daughter, Princess Elizabeth. The Princess, still betrothed to Henry Tudor, complains to her mother that she doesn’t want to be forced into marriage for political ends.


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