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Thor 2 The Dark World

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/16/2012

Thor 2 The Dark WorldThor 2 The Dark World

News About Thor 2 The Dark World: Plotline, Casting, Filming Location, Premiere Date and More!

This installment of the Thor series brings on a new director in Alan Taylor. Many will know him from the Game of Thrones series. Being the director of that series will probably help him a lot in directing The Dark World because of the changing settings. The vision from Alan according to Chris Hemsworth is “Big waterfalls, mountains and a Viking influence… Having that in Asgard is going to make it all that more special and that’s what Alan wants to bring to it.” Which makes sense since this is a movie about Norse gods.

New Cast Members For Season 3 of Game of Thrones

As for the plot of the Thor 2, we all know Loki will have to pay for his misbehavior in The Avengers. Many hope that this will be a film in which he tries for redemption but knowing Loki that could be the case for part of the movie. Then the rest of it could be him up to his mischievous ways.

Captain America The Winter Soldier

There is no word that I have found yet about the villain. Thanos could have something to do with the movie but from the other announcements at SDCC it makes that possibility a little less likely. Who really knows though besides Marvel and those involved in the movie. Speculation for this aspect of the movie has been varied and interesting to say the least. Could this be the movie with a woman super villain? If the comics are any indication that is a very distinct possibility.

Marvel Confirms Guardian of the Galaxy; Plus logos for Marvel’s upcoming movies.

Marvel has been rather quiet about the whole plot scenario.

Casting for the movie has had its shakeups. They have added and then had to subtract people. There are still rumored returns and questionable returns. Kat Dennings was questionable due to TV show obligations. Mads Mikkelson has left the film for Hannibal a TV show in which he will be playing Dr. Hannibal Lector. The other casting change is that Zachary Levi is replacing Josh Dallas a Fandral.

Mads Mikkelsen Cast as Hannibal Lecter in NBCs ‘Hannibal’

Filming of Thor 2 The Dark World is scheduled to begin sometime in August in London, England.

Premiere date of Thor 2 The Dark World is November 8, 2013



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