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Three Great Video Interviews From The Cast of Looper

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/08/2012

Looper Interviews

Here are three new Looper Interviews. Featuring Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Emily Blunt.



Emily Blunt talks Joseph Gordon-Levitt greatness. She talks about his incredible attention to detail, and his willingness to watch tons of Bruce Willis interview and videos so he could mimic Bruce. Emily Blunt also discusses Rain Johnson and says, ‘He’s the greatest director that I have ever worked with.’ ┬áRain Johnson loves collaboration even though he wrote the script. She says its rare in a director.



Bruce Willis talks about Looper‘s emotional aspect. It’s more than science fiction, and it contains love stories throughout the film. He also says it was an honor to have Joseph Gordon-Levitt play the young version of him. Bruce loves JGL’s work and loves what he did in the film.




Joseph Gordon-Levitt talks about the film and the Loopers future journey. He discusses the presentation of himself in the future and notes that Bruce Willis, the older version of his character gets away and he spend much of the movie going after him. Because if he lets him run and live, his life would be over. In the rest of the interview he praises Bruce Willis as a childhood idol of his.


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