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Three New Amazing Spider-Man TV Spots

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/11/2012

Spider-ManHere are three new ‘The Amazing Spider man’ TV-Spots. With the release of the film just three weeks away, the marketing campaign is being vamped up. If it hasn’t already.


I wonder if this film will eclipse Men in Black 3 and Snow White and The Huntsman at the box office. My guess is that it will with ease. This film is going to be a monster. It won’t touch The Avengers, but it should be the second highest grossing film of the summer. Lets face it, Emma Stone is a star. She can sell this film herself. She may be the most likable A-list actress on the planet. Every time I see her, I like her a little bit more, and for once it has nothing to do with her beauty, and everything to do with her personality.


Andrew Garfield is also on the cusp of superstardom and I don’t think he is just a product of Spider-Man. He killed it in The Social Network and if you ever get a chance to see his UK mini-series Red Riding, you will be amazed by his acting. Until I saw that miniseries, I thought he was just a pretty face, but in Red Riding, he plays a very mature character and he brilliantly flashes off the screen.


But I digress as I usually do when I’ve already dedicated twenty post to one particular movie. I’m not complaining though. These big budget films put out tons of news, images, featurettes, and clips online. So, I cover them. It’s my job. So, enjoy the latest from ‘The Amazing Spider-Man.┬áNOTE: All three TV-Spots are embedded in the one video.


The Amazing Spider Man TV Spots


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