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Three New Clips From The Bourne Legacy

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/03/2012

The Bourne LegacyThe Bourne Legacy, the bounce series is really the modern Bond without all the tricky gadgets and world wide plans of destruction.


The Bourne series takes it’s self much more seriously than Bond does. That’s not to take anything away from 007 who is debonaire and the type of man we would all like to be. I wouldn’t want to be part of Operation Treadstone, no matter how bad ass it made me. Those guys are messed up in the head. But damn it if it doesn’t make for great movies and interesting character development. Thus, I prefer Bourne over Bond.


I’ve been looking forward to The Bourne Legacy for years and when I found out Matt Damon was a no go, I thought the series was doomed. But in stepped Jeremy Renner and he is the one guy who can fill “most” of the void. His Characters name is Aaron Cross, not Jason Bourne. Most of us knew that would be the case and we couldn’t have been happier. Matt Damon is Jason Bourne and he couldn’t be replaced with a carbon copy actor. So, the franchise made a smart move in creating Jeremy Renner’s Aaron Cross. And who knows, Matt Doman could come back one day, if this film proves to be a hit — which it will. Could you imagine two movies down the line, a third with Renner and Damon?  The thought gives me chills. If the money is right we might get that one day, but I digress.


Today we get three new clips from the action packed film The Bourne Legacy featuring, Arron Cross (Renner). I can’t wait to go see this later. Its going to be a fantastic film.


The Bourne Legacy” also stars Edward Norton, Oscar Isaac, Joan Allen, David Strathairn, Albert Finney, Stacy Keach, Scott Glenn, Corey Stoll and Donna Murphy, and the film hits theaters on August 3rd. The August release date should give The Bourne Legacy plenty of room to breath. Get ready for the promotional campaign to start revving up.





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