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Three New, MTV’s Teen Wolf Season 3 Scoops

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/14/2012

Three New, MTV's Teen Wolf Season 3 ScoopsTeen Wolf: Scoop on season 3



Here’s some scoop on Teen Wolf from Kristin Dos Santos’ Spoiler Chat for Friday 9/14/12.



Michael: I need Teen Wolf season three scoop. Like yesterday.


Since we’re missing it just as badly as you are, we rounded up three things you can expect in season three:

1. The Lydia as a possible cure storyline might return. “We didn’t delve into it too deeply, but it may come back as a plot thread next season,” Jeff Davis teases.

2. More CGI…probably! Jeff says, “I’m excited to see how our Alphas turn out because I have some big ideas for them.” As for what they look like, he explains. “It’ll be a combination. Full CGI creatures are very difficult to do on a budget our size and with the time as well. So I’m very wary of doing anymore full CGI creatures.”

3. “It’ll be a challenge next season to see how long they can keep the secret from [Sheriff] Stilinski,” Jeff says when we brought up that almost everyone on the show has been brought in on the werewolf secret.



Here are three new scoops from  MTV’s Teen Wolf. Teen Wolf is a wild success for MTV and the audience is going to be rewarded next season with a 24 episode 3rd season. MTV doesn’t dish out 24 episode season very often anymore. If you watch the show, you know that the first two season of Teen Wolf were only 12 episodes each. So, season 3 will double the Teen Wolf. You excited yet?


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