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Three New TV-Spots From The Bourne Legacy

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/07/2012

The Bourne LegacyHere are three new TV-Spots from The Bourne Legacy, starring Jeremy Renner. In the first trailer of The Bourne Legacy, newcomer Jeremy Renner resembled a robot, not a character we could have empathy for. Then in the second trailer we got more of a look at his character and that showed us we may be able to  care about in Arron Cross. These TV-spots further cement that. Alex Cross says, “I’m more than just a science experiment.”


These reboots, slash remakes, slash re-imaginations, slash sequels are always hard on a series’ hardcore fans. Being one of them, I understand completely. There is no doubt, people will try to poke holes in this version of Bourne because there is such allegiance to Matt Damon’s trilogy and you don’t fuck with peoples trilogies! Just ask George Lucas.


The Bourne Legacy


But, like I have always said, Jeremy Renner was a wonderful choice for the new direction of the series and lets face it, if this one is successful, we will probably get at least two more with Jeremy Renner in the series title role. Isn’t that something we all want? I do.


Renner will not prove to be a better “Treadstone” than Damon in the first pick, if ever at all, but hopefully The Bourne Legacy will create a wave of ‘Treadstone’s” we can compare Damon and Renner to and hopefully, they team up and make an epic action film together.


Either way, the action in these TV-Spots and the preceding trailers, makes me think this film will live up to the hype. On top of that some of The Bourne hold overs are back — David Straitharn, Joan Allen and a couple others. Meaning the story is cohesive and that will go a long way in getting Hardcore Bourne fans like myself to come along for the ride.




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