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TNT Leverage 5X05 ‘Gimme a K Street Job’ Recap

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/20/2012

TNT Leverage Cast 5X05 Gimme a K Street Job Episode Recap and reviewTNT Leverage 5X05 ‘Gimme a K Street Job’ Recap

On Sunday, August 19, 2012 at 8:00 PM eastern and 7:00 PM central was the much anticipated episode “The Gimme a K Street Job”. The episode started with a cheerleader getting injured and finding that there is no insurance protection because Cheerleading is not considered a sport! Parents of athletic children invest a lot of money in their future and yet if their child is injured they are left holding the bag. Once the client, a young girl on the squad, explained the problem, the team couldn’t say no. The law needed to change which meant cheerleading must be considered a sport. In order to change the laws regarding what is considered a sport the Leverage team went to take control of Congress!

Fans have been waiting for this since Nate mentioned dealing with Washington in a previous season. There are often episodes that have the team returning from a job that never is actually made into an episode, so it was great to see them finally take on Politicians.

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Parker’s role was to coach a squad of cheerleaders which was a great vehicle for her; she set up a Laser Grid for a training exercise! Beth Riesgraf practically stole the show with her “unusual” brand of coaching. The rest of the cast mentally and verbally wrestled with congressmen, but to no avail. The character’s frustration at being cut off at every turn was evident on their faces and in the actions that followed. The highlight of the episode was Sophie’s southern belle character. You’ll have to watch to see what I mean!

The episode concluded with an exchange between Eliot and Nate that made the fans think that Eliot is onto the “secret”. Oh, may not know about the secret. At the end of Season 5 episode 1, Nathan Ford and Alec Hardison were seen sitting alone in the dark talking by the light of a computer monitor. Hardison told Nate he didn’t like keeping secrets from the team. Nate indicated that it was for their own good. Leverage fans are waiting for clues as to what the secret might be.

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After the show Leverage tweets continued as the fans have decided that they will keep tweeting until the question of renewal for a sixth season of Leverage is answered by TNT.


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