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TNT Leverage Beth Riesgraf Google+ Hangout Recap

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/20/2012

Beth Riesgraf TNT Leverage Google+ Hangout RecapTNT Leverage Beth Riesgraf Google+ Hangout Recap

Sunday August 19th, 2012, a Landmark Day for Leverage Fans

Sunday August 19th 2012 marked an epic day for Leverage fans who started tweeting about Leverage on TNT at about 8:30 AM trying to get it to trend on Twitter. The social site, however, has changed the way trends are calculated. Your conversation (keyword) might be trending in your tailored trends, but national and worldwide will be different. At points during the day Leverage tweets were going up every 30 seconds and at times multiple posts in a single second. Still they did not trend nationally. Now it has become a vendetta!

Another Landmark was the second Google Plus Hangout! Scheduled to “hangout” with fans were co-stars Beth Riesgraf and Christian Kane. Beth Riesgraf who plays Parker, the super thief was able to make the hangout. Christian Kane who portrays Eliot Spencer, the Retrieval Specialist, (now referred to as the Hitter), was unable to attend.

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The Event did not go off without a hitch. Many fans had difficulty figuring out how to access the Hangout. Instructions weren’t clear on Google Plus FAQS so many didn’t get in although they tried everything even getting on Facebook and Twitter to ask for help.

The first obstacle for Beth Riesgraf was apologizing to fans for the absence of Christian Kane and saying that if the “Kaniacs” wanted to leave she would understand. Of course no one left! Some fans left their cameras and microphones on which was fun as Beth saw and heard one and welcomed her to the chat. She spoke of the pranks on set, the Portland food scene, and things she’d like to see in future episodes. She also answered questions about preparations for her role, favorite episodes and the relationships she shares with the cast. One fan asked if she’d like to Direct an episode.

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Other questions concerned her son Pilot and his participation in the show and Beth’s worst injuries playing Parker. She revealed that season five would finally reveal some of the secrets of Eliot’s past which should be a fan pleaser. He is the most mysterious of the characters on the show.

She was fun and funny; she was gracious as she thanked each fan for posing their questions. Towards the end she seemed sad to see the time had slipped away and asked if everyone enjoyed hanging out with her. On Twitter she acknowledged a few of the tweets and thanked the fans for their comments.

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Catch a replay of Beth Risgraf’s Google Plus Hangout below.

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