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TNT Leverage Season 5 Spoilers

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/12/2012

Leverage Aldis Hodge Season 5 Scoops and Rumors TNTTNT Leverage Season 5 Spoilers

On August 5th, 2012, LEVERAGE star Aldis Hodge aka Alec Hardison, did an exclusive Google Plus Hangout with fans; a LEVERAGE first. Fans of LEVERAGE posted questions about the show, the characters, Season five spoilers, and the stars themselves. The fan response resulted in a live Q&A that lasted about a half an hour.

The chat includes references to the freedom the cast is given in helping with character development and the way they interact with each other. Highlights include insights into the differences between Aldis Hodge and Hardison as well as their similarities; his favorite episodes, scenes and recurring characters. Aldis’s natural rapport with his audience comes out as he answers questions on advice he would give to his character; his artwork, the Olympics, his family ties and his LEVERAGE family.

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Some of the season spoilers include “…they pull off the ultimate hack this season…I can’t spill the beans…” Best pranks pulled on the set “Go to Beth Reisgraf…” His favorite LEVERAGE set-up, will Nana ever make an appearance, the “Nate/ Hardison Secret” and the reasons he can’t do what Hardison does are covered as well as his favorite moment on set.TNT Leverage Cast and crew

This isn’t the first time that LEVERAGE creators and stars did something special for their fans. In the beginning of 2010 the show hosted a first ever Con-Con; a three day event that invited fans from all over the world to come to Portland and meet the stars, writers, directors, the producer Dean Devlin and creator John Rogers along with tours of the set, Q&A autographs and TONS of memorabilia! In the last two years the fans have carried on the tradition with Fan-Con1 and Fan-CON2. Listen for a mention of Fan-CON during the Google Plus Hangout.

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Later in 2010 TNT held a live online video chat inundated with fans posting questions. Add to this the fact that the cast, the mastermind behind LEVERAGE and assorted guests of the show are extremely accessible via Twitter and Facebook, and last week’s “First LEVERAGE Google Plus Hangout” should come as no surprise. This show is built for firsts, and for fans; the fans respond by promoting the show vigorously, using the same methods they’ve seen the cast and crew use.

On July 17th the TNT chat was with Aldis Hodge and Beth Reisgraf. The earliest one featured Beth Reisgraf, Wil Wheaton, and John Rogers with Aldis Hodge, Christian Kane, and Timothy Hutton via a live internet ,feed because they were spread all over the country working on other projects.

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