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To Allen, With Love – We Think

Written by   // 06/26/2012


To Rome, with LoveFollowing last Friday’s limited release of legendary auteur Woody Allen’s new film “To Rome, with Love,” the folks over at FunnyOrDie jumped at the chance to poke fun at the filmmaker’s particular breed of film-making. The video spoofs Allen’s penchant for featuring protagonists that closely resemble himself (ranging from the Oxford-button ups and khakis to neurotic mannerisms that have come to define both Allen and his characters.). Don’t be too surprised that jazz musicians and subtle misogyny factor into the mix as well, all to hilarious effect. Love him or hate him, Allen has proven himself a staple of American cinema averaging a film a year since the late seventies.

FunnyOrDie – New Woody Allen Trailer

To Rome, with Love

Entering his fifth generation as a filmmaker, Allen continues to explore his partnership with both Sony Pictures Classics and Europe as his latest, To Rome, with Love follows the success of last year’s hit (his biggest) the Academy Award-winning Midnight in Paris (Allen picked up his third statue for Best Original Screenplay, and claimed a fourth win). After premiering at the opening night of the LAFF to mixed if not generally positive reviews, To Rome, with Love opened last weekend in five theaters in NY/LA to a robust $379,371, with a per screen average on par with that of The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

To Rome with Love, marks another success for art-house films with mainstream potential following hits such as Moonrise Kingdom and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. While many prognosticators acknowledge To Rome, with Love may not have the legs of his last film it certainly bodes well for weekends to come as Sony Pictures Classics plans to release the film steadily before expanding July 6. To Rome, with Love consists of four unconnected vignettes featuring the likes of Allen, Alec Baldwin, Penelope Cruz and Roberto Beingni. Check out the trailer below.

To Rome, with Love -Official Trailer



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