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Tom Hardy’s Bane Workout For Batman

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/22/2012

Tom Hardy's Exercise Regimen for Bane RoleTom Hardy’s Bane Workout For Batman

Tom Hardy gained 30 pounds of muscle from following the Bane workout in 4 months. Those are awesome results but can anybody expect results like that?


- Written by  Kevin McMillian from Fitness Black and White

“Build muscle, get strong and play the part” must have been Hardy’s mindset going into the latest Batman movie.

There is no denying that Tom Hardy’s Bane character really delivered for the latest Batman movie, The Dark Night Rises.

Incredibly, Hardy packed on 30 pounds of muscle to “fill” the role as Bane. And just as incredible was his workout routine.

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He reported doing the Bane workout for 4 months straight leading up to the movie. There is no doubt that the Tom Hardy workout delivered results but those results don’t just come automatic … even when following the best workout possible.Tom Hardy Bane Workout

In order to pack on 30 pounds of muscle in 4 months there is certainly some dedication involved.

Many have found different workout models to follow in order to pack on this kind of muscle, but one blogger says that there needs to be caution taken whenever trying to add this much muscle quickly.

“It certainly is impressive what Tom Hardy was able to do for The Dark Night Rises movie! The Bane workout must have been very intense and very focused. It’s too bad that he doesn’t release the official and real Bane workout!” – Kevin McMillian from Fitness Black and White.

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While it is clear that the latest trends in Hollywood have been more on having a good amount of muscle, it is still very important that all of that muscle is not covered in a layer of fat. Some have found that by dropping their fat percentages down to 10% or lower that they actually look a little bigger. This is mainly due to the fact that the muscle appears sharper, larger and more cut when their is less fat covering it.

This principle can be clearly seen on examples like this where a person can lose 20 pounds but look more buff. In the end, it is very important to focus on building muscle but it is also important to know how to strip away any unwanted fat afterwords.

There are many courses out there that focus on just one aspect, such as pure muscle building, pure cardio, pure fat loss or pure bodybuilding diets. There are, however, very few that focus on all of these aspects in one complete program.

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“What many people need to remember though is that these guys get paid to workout, literally! If your job was to go to the gym and build muscle you would probably be blown away with the kind of results you could get in a month. For most of us though, working out much more than one hour per day is somewhat unrealistic. What I have found to be the most beneficial is to teach ones that they really shouldn’t expect to gain that much muscle that quickly. If you really think about it, even adding 5 pounds of (pure) muscle would look amazing. Just take five, one pound steaks and place them on your shoulders, chest and arms. That’s what adding five pounds of muscle to your upper body would look like … much more impressive than it sounds.” – Kevin McMillian

A very popular program that is aimed at the “Hollywood Look” of having an awesome amount of muscle without the fat to cover it up is Visual Impact Muscle Building. Many have found success with this program where they couldn’t in others.

Like Bane’s workout though, it really doesn’t matter how well put together a workout routine is if it isn’t followed. To get results one must stick to the program.

Fitness Black and White is a health and fitness blog dedicated to bringing real results to real people. For those who want to add a reasonable amount of muscle or lose that last bit of fat, there is plenty of solid advice to follow.


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