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Tom Hiddleston Guest Voices on Family Guy

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/29/2012

Tom Hiddleston Family Guy VoiceTom Hiddleston gets a kick out of us Yanks and we get a kick out of him. The thirty-one year old Avengers Assemble star is headed to one of America’s favorite shows. The British actor told Total Film that he has in fact, recorded a voice role for Fox’s and Seth MacFarlane’s Family Guy.


The recording recently took place in Los Angeles, and Hiddleston wasn’t alone. Fellow Brit and Game of Thrones actor Sean Bean was right alongside with him.


Tom Hiddleston was tight lipped when asked about his character details. I’m sure Seth MacFarlane has put the gag order on him, however he did admit one thing, he said, his character and Sean Bean’s are “Cut from the same Cloth.” Does that mean the two play a pair or does that mean he and Bean are playing themselves? We don’t know. Either or would be okay with us.


Tom Hiddleston isn’t new to voice work, he’s done three Robot Chicken episodes between shooting Jim Jarmusch’s vampire drama Only Lovers Left Alive. So, keep your eyes open for Hiddleston’s cartoon-self. He will be making his Family Guy debut this fall on Fox’s Animation Domination.


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