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Travis Mills Video Blogs About 100 Crime Films #1-5

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/08/2012

Running Wild Films Travis Mills Video Blog Top Crime FilmsTravis Mills Video Blogs About 100 Crime Films #1-5

Travis Mills, Director, Producer, and Co-Founder of Running Wild Films has produced some captivating video blogs in which he discusses 100 different Crime Films. In this edition of 100 Crime Films, Travis will discuss #1 – 5, including Scarface, Body Heat, The Killing, Frantic, and Night Moves.

Travis Mills, Gus Edwards, and a talented team at Running Wild Films have already produced 25 short films and two feature length movies over the past two years. Running Wild Films will be turning 52 short stories into film in the year 2013. Here are just a few of the 52 films: D.H. Lawrence’s You Touched Me, Kate Chopin’s A Pair of Silk Stockings, and Edgar Allen Poe’s The Cask of Amontillado.

Here are Travis Mills‘ 100 Crime Films Video Blogs #1 – 5. Please comment below with your own personal top crime films, and be sure to check out Running Wild Films at


100 Crime Films Video Blog -#1 – Scarface

Scarface (1932) –  Directed By Howard Hawks, Produced By Howard Hughes, Starring Paul Muni

“It makes Goodfellas, and anything Tarantino’s ever produced, look like child’s play. . . Violence is not blood and gore. Violence is an attitude.”



100 Crime Films Video Blog #2 – Body Heat

Body Heat (1981) – Directed By Lawrence Kasdan, Produced By Fred T. Gallo, Starring William Hurt, Kathleen Turner

“Not a plot point, not black and white cinematography, but a feeling of doom that permeates off the screen through your soul.”



100 Crime Films Video Blog #3 – The Killing

The Killing (1956) – Directed By Stanley Kubrick, Produced By James B. Harris, Starring Elisha Cook, Jr., Marie Windsor, Vince Edwards

“He’s (Elisha Cook, Jr.) the weakest member on the team; a twirp, a mousy little figure who is married to Marie Windsor, a woman who treats him like sh*&.”



100 Crime Films Video Blog #4 – Frantic

Frantic (1988) – Directed By Roman Polanski, Produced By Tim Hampton and Thom Mount, Starring Harrison Ford, Betty Buckley

“Chinatown may be Roman Polanski’s masterpiece, but Frantic, a film he directed in the 1980s,  is a far more interesting movie. It is really more an essay; a deconstruction of the Harrison Ford iconic movie/action hero.”



100 Crime Films Video Blog #5 – Night Moves

Night Moves (1975) – Directed by Arthur Penn, Produced By Robert M. Sherman, Screenplay By Alan Sharp, Starring Gene Hackman, Jennifer Warren.

“The mystery behind who made this film a masterpiece is actually as compelling, complex, and unsolvable as the mystery within the film itself.”

Travis Mills Video Blogs About Top 100 Crime Films #6-10

Running Wild Films is committed to developing local film in Arizona, and has produced 25 short films and two feature length movies in the last two years. Gus Edwards (playwright and film professor) and Travis Mills founded the company in June 2010 with the vision to build an indigenous cinema with actors and crew from Arizona, telling Arizona stories.

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