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Trouble With The Curve Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 10/06/2012

Trouble with the Curve Movie ReviewTrouble With The Curve Review By Bobby’s Teen Movie Reviews

‘Trouble with the Curve’ starring Clint Eastwood and Amy Adams is about an aging baseball scout, Gus, who is beginning to lose his eyesight. He doesn’t want to tell anybody because he loves his job and can’t imagine no longer being able to do it. However, Gus’ daughter, Mickey, finds out about his eyesight and wants to help him. But Gus left Mickey to live with an aunt and uncle when she was only 6 and they have not a had a good relationship ever since. What was already bound to be a dramatic week is made even more dramatic by former Boston Red Sox pitcher, Johnny (Justin Timberlake), who becomes a love interest of Mickey.

The problem with ‘Trouble with the Curve’ is that it suffers from identity crisis. It doesn’t know if it’s supposed to be a romantic movie, a drama, or a comedy. Of course it’s possible to combine the three, hence the term ‘dramedy’ and ‘rom-com’, but ‘Curve’ completely separates the three which makes for some horrible pacing. You’ll feel as if you’re on a roller coaster, and every time you start moving steadily, you come to a sudden stop.

Clint Eastwood’s performance was great. I think it helped that he could devote all his time to acting, and not directing as well. Justin Timberlake, even though I didn’t think his character should’ve been in the movie at all, was also very good. Unfortunately, Amy Adams’ performance failed to impress me. We know that she can be a great actress, but throughout I movie, it seemed like she was uncomfortable in her role. Her performance in ‘The Master’, which I have yet to see, must be a very big improvement from ‘Curve’, since she’s getting a lot of Oscar buzz.

I don’t know if this was the writer or the actors fault, but everything in the movie was overdramatized. Especially in one scene (early on, so it’s not really a spoiler) where a man puts his hands on Mickey at a bar. Gus, in defense of his daughter, pushes the man off her and threatens him. And Mickey is mad at him for it! First she complains that he was never there for her, and now he is, and she complains about it! It made me feel even less sympathy for Mickey.Trouble with the Curve movie poster

Another part of the film that I really didn’t like was a scene that takes place a little more than half way through. I won’t spoil it, but the scene was very uncomfortable and took most of the fun away from the movie. While it does help explain some things, I’d definitely rather them have explained in a different way, or even just left it unexplained.

The only thing that made me almost forgot all the negatives about ‘Curve’ were the last 15 minutes. Gus and Mickey had more chemistry, it was dramatic and funny at the same time, and the humor didn’t feel out of place. The characters seemed more real and emotional. In most movies, the first few scenes are interesting, and the rest is disappointing. ‘Trouble with the Curve’ is the exact opposite.

Even though the closing scenes are great, the rest of the movie isn’t worth sitting through to get to the end. If you want to be impressed, show up to the theater an hour and 15 minutes late. You won’t be disappointed. However, if you’re looking for a nice family drama with good laughs and character depth, skip this one for sure.


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