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True Blood 6×02 Here Comes the Sun Spoilers

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 01/08/2013

True Blood 6x02 Here Comes the Sun SpoilersTrue Blood 6×02 Here Comes the Sun Spoilers



Here’s some new True Blood scoop for the second episode of the next season. The episode is titled, ‘Here Comes the Sun.’ This comes from the Spoiler Fairy via Spoiler TV.



True Blood 6×02 ‘Here Comes the Sun

Episode 6.02 will be called “Here Comes the Sun,” and several parts are being cast for it, including the co-star role of Niall’s protective mother (from a flashback scene set in 3500 B.C., in which a young Niall also appears). There’s also a prositute named Veronica (a guest star role) who makes money by letting vampires feed on her, and these recurring roles: a few 20-something “Occupy Wall Street” types, and Willa Burrell, who is Governor Burrell’s (played by Arliss Howard) daughter, and who disagrees with her father’s agenda. Finally, a possibly-recurring character, Maggie, is 35, pregnant, and convinced that her husband left her to raise their child by herself.



The Sixth season of True Blood is expected to return this summer. The season will only air 10 episodes, as opposed to the normal 12. This doesn’t mean the show is winding down (though it may be), the 10 episode season is due to Anna Paquin’s new baby.


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