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Under The Dome, Crowning of The Monarch Scoop

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/15/2013

UnderTheDome640_s640x427Under The Dome, Crowning of The Monarch Scoop


New, Under The Dome scoop from the E online! Watch With Kristen Spoiler chat, August 15th, 2013 Post.



Connor: You haven’t given us any Under the Dome scoop! What gives?

Woah, fella, slow your roll! We’ve been waiting until we had something super juicy to share, and now it’s time to spill. We saw in last week’s episode that the mysterious egg warned us that a “monarch will be crowned,” but did you know that that there is going to be an actual monarch inside the dome? In an upcoming episode, we’ll start to see some serious changes inside that strange mini dome, including a perfectly placed cocoon. Is anyone else starting to get terrified of butterflies because of this show?!


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