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Universal Fast tracking Snow White and The Huntsman Sequel

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/08/2012

Snow White and The HuntsmanLet the sequel machine commence. Next on board, Snow White and the HuntsmanSnow White and the Huntsman received mixed reviews from critics. The film has a 46% “rotten” rating on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 149 reviews, with an average score of 5.6/10 and a consensus reading “While it offers an appropriately dark take on the fairy tale that inspired it, Snow White and the Huntsman is undone by uneven acting, problematic pacing, and a confused script.”


No matter. Sequel’s are less to do about reviews and more to do about cash. The money is the gas and oil that get sequel machines running. By now, we all know the numbers. ‘Snow White’ had a stellar opening weekend. The film grossed over $56 million dollars domestically and as of today, June 8th, the film has grossed over $118 million dollars world wide.


Mike Fleming of wrote, ’studios are relying heavily on sequels this summer, but the toughest thing to do is to introduce something new that launches a franchise. It looks like Universal has done that with Snow White And The Huntsman. I’m told that the studio is making all the moves that indicate another chapter is in the offing, and on a fast track.’


So, it’s going to happen. In fact, It looks like David Koepp has already been commenced to write the sequel and Universal wants director Rupert Sanders to return. Sources say Sanders is interested. Apparently he had a great time making the first film and since the in demand Sanders hasn’t lined up a new film, Snow White and The Huntsman 2, just might be it. So, stay tune.



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