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Update on Lindsay Lohan Arrest

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 11/30/2012

Lindsay Lohan Arrested Updates on Fight in NYCUpdate on Lindsay Lohan Arrest

Just days after the premiere of Liz and Dick, starring Lindsay Lohan, Lilo found herself in handcuffs. As previously reported, the former child star, Lindsay Lohan, was arrested after being involved in a physical altrication at a night club in NYC. As the story broke we were still unsure as to what had caused the fight or who the woman was that Lohan was fighting with.

Lindsay Lohan Arrested

The alleged victim was palm-reader Tiffany Mitchell,28, a Florida resident. When seeing Lohan at a NYC Nightclub in Chelsea, palm-reader, Tiffany Ava Mitchell, approached her offering her a free reading in the VIP area. She supposedly told Lilo that she had a premonition that involved her and asked if she could tell her about it. Was the premonition that Lohan was about to be going back to jail? When Lindsay Lohan told Mitchell that all she wanted was “space,” Mitchell made no attempt to walk away. Lohan reportedly called Mitchell a “f***ing gypsy.” Tiffany Mitchell’s friend lashed back by calling Lohan names and degrading her. As reported, Lindsay Lohan then punched Mitchell in the face.

Lindsay Lohan disappeared and tried to slip away out the back exit of the club. As her and her driver were about to speed off, Mitchell, pointed her out to the police officers who were called to the scene.


Lindsay Lohan is now facing charges for misdemeanor assault as well as charges from LA, from this past summer. The day of the altrication, police officers from LA were trying to contact Lohan, with no luck. She is accused of lying to cops about a car accident which involved her Porsche back in June.

Looks like Lindsay Lohan still has some cleaning up to do. We hope for the best for this former child star.


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