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Usher Oprah Interview Recap

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/16/2012

Usher Oprah InterviewUsher Oprah Interview Recap

Oprah Winfrey interviewed Usher Raymond for Oprah’s Next Chapter on September 26, 2012

Here is the Recap of the Usher Oprah Winfrey Interview

During the Usher interview on Oprah’s Next Chapter, Usher Raymond discusses his career, the bitter custody battle and his breakdown in court. Jonetta Patton was also interviewed to discuss the rift with her son, Usher.

For more than three years Usher Raymond and Tameka Foster were involved in a very difficult and emotional custody battle. On August 24, 2012 Usher was awarded primary custody of their two sons, Usher V., age 4, and Naviyd, age 3. His wife’s lawyer accused Usher of caring more about partying than being a father. Usher was also accused of telling his wife, “b****, now get out of my f****** life.”

Usher stated, in court, that Tameka Foster threatened to kill him.

Since the verdict, Tameka Foster has filed an appeal requesting a new trial. Usher has never spoken publicly about the trial until now. He wanted to set the record straight in his interview with Oprah Winfrey. (see end of article for the latest update on the appeal).

Oprah has to remove her shoes and put on a supplied pair of shoes for her visit to Usher’s home. Usher’s kitchen is full of his kids’ artwork. Oprah just loves it.

Oprah asks if Usher was surprised by the court’s verdict. Usher explains that most people think that the mother would receive custody of the children. Usher and Tameka were unable to co-parent under the current agreement.

Usher wanted to have an “official” interview in order to document everything. Usher states, “This will be the only time that I’ve ever chosen to speak about it. I’ve been a man of integrity throughout the entire process, which I hope my boys will understand.”

In the summer of 2007, Usher and Tameka planned a lavish wedding. Tameka was five months pregnant at the time.  Usher’s mother, Jonetta Patton, refused to attend the wedding. Usher spent a million dollars on the wedding, and states that he really wasn’t quite ready. Usher states, “I impregnated this. . . I was taking responsibility.” Usher explains how his own father was not present in his life, so he wanted to make things right.

Usher wishes that he listened to his instinct prior to getting married. Usher states that he was upset that his mom didn’t attend and didn’t support him. Usher states that if he was in his mother’s position he would have attended.

Usher explains that his mother was a single mother, and she was always very protective of her son.

For 15 years, Usher’s mother managed his career and made him one of the most successful R & B artist of all time. In 2007 Usher decided that it was time for a change. Usher explains that he did not “fire” his mother. Usher wanted to separate business and family.

Oprah Winfrey asked Usher if letting his mother go as manager had anything to do with his wife, Tameka. Usher explains that Tameka was not the cause of it.

In 2007 Usher was on top of the world with 26 million records sold. He announced his engagement to celebrity hairstylist, Tameka, the same year. Fans attacked her by calling her a “gold digger” and a “cradle robber.” Many people had their own opinions about Tameka’s and Usher’s relationship. Usher states that many of the attacks did hurt their own securities. Usher got on MTV and told all the fans that Tameka was a beautiful black woman and told all the fans to stop talking poorly about her.

Usher didn’t feel that Tameka was comfortable being in the celebrity spotlight. He reports that they went through counseling together, and that it is very hard being married. Usher states that he didn’t want to get to the point where the relationship would harm him. They involved friends and a counselor in trying to work through the relationship, but things just didn’t work out.

Oprah asks Usher if he was faithful to Tameka. He replies that he was not faithful in matters of the heart. Usher states that he was sexual with another woman when he was separated from Tameka (although they were not divorced). Oprah asks Usher point blank whether he had relationships with one of the bridesmaids. He states, “I did have exchanges with her.” He states that it was “after the marriage.”

Oprah asks Usher if he was an “absentee father.” He states that in the case of work he was gone, but he is not an absentee father.

Oprah asks about Tameka’s 11 year old son, Kile Glover. Kile Glover was hit by a jet ski when on a boat with friends of the family. After 15 days on life support, Kyle’s heart stopped. Usher cries as he states, “I miss Kile.” Usher was in California when he received a call from Tameka. Usher wasn’t sure how “real” it was so he reached out to Ryan Glover.

Shortly after Kile Glover died, Tameka and Usher were back in court. Usher made a request to the court that they put court on hold. People stated that Usher was not at Kile’s funeral, but Usher states that he absolutely did attend, and it hurts him when people say that he didn’t attend.

Usher states that Tameka turned them into being enemies. He always thought that they were friends.

While on his world tour in Berlin in Janaury 2011 Usher walked off the stage. He ended up cancelling the concert and attributed it to his sinus infection. In reality he was very emotional. His father had recently passed away, and Usher didn’t know him for over 25 years. He was also emotional about the demise of his marriage and missing his boys.

Usher’s father, Usher Raymond III had a lifelong crack cocaine addiction. He left the family shortly after Usher was born. In 2007 Usher and his father reconnected. Just a year later, Usher was at his father’s bedside around the same time his baby, Usher V, was born.

When Usher walked off stage in Berlin, he felt like he could never perform again. Usher was boo’d and he felt like a huge failure. Usher broke down.

Usher explains that it truly takes a “village” to take care of his kids. Usher’s mother, grandmother, aunt and nanny all help out with the kids.

Oprah asks Usher how he could be a good father after not having had his own father. He states that it is an example for how he wants to do things for them.Usher on Oprah Next Chapter Interview

Oprah asks Usher if he “makes love” to his own songs. He states, “some may say this would be rather narcissistic, but, uh, yeah.” Oprah states, “If I were you, I would!!”… HILARIOUS!

Usher states that he kind of has a playlist prepared. Oprah asks if he just “pops in.” LOL! Usher’s playlist does have a little Marvin Gaye and Luther Vandross on the list as well. He states that Climax would also be a good song of his to listen to towards the end of a session.

Usher’s motto or mantra is, “you either evolve or evaporate.” Usher explains that if you don’t evolve you just evaporate and go away. Usher states that he just wants to be the best father he can be.

Oprah asks Usher who he trust these days. Usher states that he trusts his kids and his mother. Usher states that his mother is a very strong woman.

Usher’s mother, Jonetta Patton, joins the interview with Oprah. Jonetta moved the family to Atlanta, and shortly after he signed with L.A. Reid. Jonetta lives just five miles away. Jonetta remarried and her husband stated that she would have to choose between him (her husband) and him (Usher). Jonetta chose to focus on Usher. Jonetta had to be there for Usher because of the type of industry that Usher was in. Oprah celebrates Jonetta for the decision that she made.

Jonetta states that she was so excited when she learned that Usher was awarded primary custody. She states that it was so “rewarding” to see Usher receive what he worked so hard for. Jonetta states that she was very sad for eight years. She saw that Usher was suffering and knew that he would come back. Oprah asks Jonetta if she is the type of mother who wouldn’t think anyone is good enough for Usher. Jonetta denies it.

Oprah asks Jonetta if she regrets not being there for Usher while he was with Tameka. Jonetta states that she doesn’t regret any of it. Jonetta states that she never said, “I told you so.” Usher told his mom, “I’m sorry.”

Jonetta tells Oprah that in the beginning it was a little hurtful that Usher let her go as his manager. Jonetta was tired of fighting at that point, particularly of fighting with the industry. As a single parent, Jonetta really fought hard for everything that Usher had. Usher’s mom is now a daily presence in his home. She states that she just loves seeing Usher as a father and that she “melts” seeing it.


Updated News  – Tameka Foster’s request for an appeal was turned down by a judge. Tameka plans to appeal yet again.

Usher’s Parenting Philosophy:

Exclusive Webisode: Usher’s Parenting Philosophy

Chart-topping R&B superstar Usher, the father of 4-year-old Usher and 3-year-old Naviyd, takes Oprah inside his sons’ playroom. Watch as Usher explains how he rewards good behavior with field trips and treats…and discourages bad behavior with the time-out zone.


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