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Vegas Returns With a Deadly Episode

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 04/03/2013

Vegas Returns With a Deadly EpisodeVegas Returns With a Deadly Episode



Here’s the  scoop on Arrow from Adam Bryant and Natalie Abrams at TV Guide posted on April 3rd, 2013.



I’ve missed Vegas. What can you tell me about the upcoming episode? — Tyler

ADAM: When the show returns Friday, the FBI will try to make an informant out of a Savoy employee who runs into some trouble with the law. (When you work for the mob, maybe you shouldn’t have sex with underage prostitutes.) Realizing the Feds have their hooks in one of his guys, Savino will recruit a familiar face in law enforcement to help him do the dirty work of getting the skim out of Vegas and back to Chicago. Sounds easy, right? Too bad it turns out to be deadly.


Vegas returns with episode 1×16 Little Fish on Friday Apr. 5th, 2013 9/8c on CBS.


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