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Mortensen & Cassel Joining Eastern Promises Sequel

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/08/2012

Eastern PromisesViggo Mortensen and Vincent Cassel are now in negotiation to team up for a sequel to David Cronenberg’s Eastern Promises. The film took the film world by storm in 2007, or at least Viggo’s tattoo’s did. There is only one problem here, David Cronenberg will not return to direct. Before you shit a brick or throw your mouse, know this: The director will be Steven Knight, the man who wrote Eastern Promises and the forthcoming sequel. So, at least we know he understand the material. In fact, the material came out of his head, literally. Ben Pearson from first showing points out,  He (Knight)  knows that cinematic universe better than anyone, and it could turn out similar to the way Bourne series writer Tony Gilroy is taking over that franchise with The Bourne Legacy, which looks awesome.’


He has a point. Currently, Steven Knight is filming an action movie starring Jason Statham called, ‘Hummingbird.’ So he will get some much needed experience before taking on Eastern Promises Two. Incidentally, he also wrote ‘Amazing Grace’ in ’06, and I though that was a wonderful film.


It’s strange. Everyone has seen Eastern Promises and yet, it wasn’t a huge box office hit. The film only made $17.2 million dollars domestically and $58.1 million dollars world wide. Still, it was a fantastic film, grimy and real. Lets hope the second installment will live up to the first.




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