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Vince Vaughn Buys Rights To The Risk Agent For Star Vehicle

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/25/2012

Vince Vaughn will take on The Risk AgentVince Vaughn’s Production company has bought the rights to Ridley Pearson’s action thriller The Risk Agent and Vince Vaughn is going back to what he doesn’t do best, drama.


In all seriousness, I think Vince Vaughn has failed as a serious dramatic actor. His Norman Bates was a shit cardboard copy of the great Anthony Perkins, who at the time was in the closet and used to pretending to be someone he wasn’t. This made for a lifetime defining performance he later said. Then Vince and John Travolta were awful in Domestic Disturbance, and well, Clay Pigeons was just alright.


I take nothing away from his brilliant comedic career with this take and a brilliant comedic career it truly has been. Don’t roll your eyes you 20% who disagree. Go back and watch Swingers, Made,  The Break-Up, Fred Claus (Yea, I said it) and Wedding Crashers. He knows how to make people laugh, he’s just never made me cry or feel deep emotion for any of his dramatic characters.


So, yes, I was surprised when I first heard that his Wild West Picture Show Productions are partnering with Universal on The Risk Agent, an international thriller that will see him in the field of action — That will see him using the story as a personal star vehicle. As a matter of fact, his personal council brokered the deal for the purchase of Ridley Pearson’s novel.


The Risk AgentJust so you know what we are dealing with, The Risk Agent is a thriller that is set in China. When a Chinese National working for an American-owned construction company is grabbed off the streets of Shanghai in broad daylight and his one-man security detail goes missing as well, the call goes out to Rutherford Risk. That firm specializes in hostage extraction, from negotiation to recovery. Since private investigation is illegal in China, the company recruits two experts. One, Grace Chu, is a female forensic accountant who follows the money; the other, John Knox, is well trained in both combat and culture. They overcome their differing styles to try and get the hostages back before it’s too late.


After I read the synopsis above something happened. I thought about it some more and suddenly Vince Vaughn and his aspirations made perfect sense. Vince Vaughn isn’t getting any younger. Comedians historically lose their box office appeal and careers as they inch closer to fifty. Just Look at all the old SNL guys: Martin Shore, Dana Carvey, Mike Myers, and Adam Sandler of late — Oh, and don’t forget Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase who is now the fifth lead on a sitcom. Old generations move out and new comedic forces move in. That’s true in all walks of life. Comedians must do as Bill Murray has done and transition into dramatic rolls with that comedic brilliance in their back pocket. I would argue all of Bill Murray’s serious rolls have been so well received, because he always manages to sneak in a bit of the old Murray who only wanted to make people laugh.


Vince must realize all this, he’s a veteran of show Biz. And you know what? If he really takes the part seriously and spends six weeks learning the proper action training to play a part like this; if he spends time with real security firms and finds out what those type of Americans in foreign countries are really about, he may be able to pull this one off. Get that acting coach too Vince, don’t let your ego get in the way and maybe you make a nice action film. Only time will tell.  The preverbal ball is in your court, sir.


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