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Warehouse 13 4X03 Promo

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/02/2012

Warehouse 13 Syfy Hit Series 4X03 Preview Personal EffectsWarehouse 13 4X03 Promo “Personal Effects”

BRIAN J. SMITH (Stargate Universe) AND DEE WALLACE-STONE (E.T.) CREATE A FIRESTORM ON SYFY’S HIT Warehouse 13, Episode 3, “Personal Effects”

NEW YORK – VIA Syfy Press Release – August 2, 2012 – Brian J. Smith (Stargate Universe) and Dee Wallace-Stone (E.T.) will heat up the Warehouse when they guest star in the upcoming Monday, August 6 episode of Syfy’s hit series Warehouse 13, “Personal Effects.”

In the episode, Brian J. Smith plays “Jesse,” a small-time thief who accidentally comes into possession of a dangerous weather-controlling artifact after robbing a safe house belonging to the late Walter Sykes.

Dee Wallace’s character is “Mrs. Garner,” a hospital administrator who gets in the way of Jesse’s plans.

Laura Innes To Guest Star On Syfy’s Warehouse 13

Brian J. Smith and Dee Wallace-Stone join season four guest stars Laura Innes, Jeri Ryan, Brent Spiner, Sam Huntington, Lindsay Wagner, Kate Mulgrew, and Rene Auberjonois, among others.

Warehouse 13 follows a team of government agents who work at a massive, top-secret storage facility in windswept South Dakota which houses every strange artifact, mysterious relic, fantastical object and preternatural souvenir ever collected by the U.S. government. The Warehouse’s caretaker Artie Nielsen (Saul Rubinek) charges Pete Lattimer (Eddie McClintock), Myka Bering (Joanne Kelly), Claudia Donovan (Allison Scagliotti) and Steve Jinks (Aaron Ashmore) with chasing down reports of supernatural and paranormal activity in search of new objects to cache at the Warehouse, as well as helping him to control the Warehouse itself.

Syfy Original Movies Boogeyman and Haunted High

Warehouse 13 is produced for Syfy by Universal Cable Productions. Jack Kenny (The Book of Daniel) is executive producer and showrunner.

Universal Cable Productions creates innovative and critically acclaimed original scripted and digital content across multiple media platforms and outlets for domestic and international distribution. UCP produces Covert Affairs, Fairly Legal, In Plain Sight, Psych, Royal Pains and Suits for USA; Alphas, Defiance, Eureka and Warehouse 13 for Syfy. Universal Cable Productions is a division of NBCUniversal.

 Warehouse 13 4X03 Promo “Personal Effects”:


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