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Warner Brothers Changes Gangster Squad Release Date For Reshoots

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/25/2012

Gangster SquadIn a debatable move and knee jerk reaction, Ruben Fleischer’s Gangster Squad is now being dictated by the fear mongering and ruthless act of a domestic terrorist. I will not even mention the sick, evil mans name, you know of whom I speak.


In the wake of the events of the Aurora, Colorado tragedy at the midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises, Warner Brothers has ordered reshoots of Gangster Squad. There will be an alternate murder spree scene shot, but it will not be in a movie theater. Because of the reshoots, Gangster Squad has moved its release from September 7 to January 11.


Again, I understand the move, but vehemently disagree with it. I think when the act of a sick lone wolf changes the way we live or our art in anyway, the lone wolf has won.  Fear and destruction was the sick mans intentions. Warner Brothers, in my opinion, is obliging. Warner Bros. is now fearful of how Gangster Squad will be represented in the media because of this sick mans acts.


It’s a soar subject and an even greater tragedy, and so I don’t make this argument lightly. I believe in the American policy, we do not negotiate with terrorists and in that same vain we should not change the way we live or present art because of a the acts of a terrorist. Yes, it is absolutely easy for me to say because I was not in that theater on that dreadful night, but my convictions on this matter are deeply rooted and I do not believe my mind would be changed in any way.


Finally, let me say that I deeply empathize with the victims and the families of the deceased in Aurora, Colorado. I have prayed for them and their families in the wake of this tragedy and will continue to do so until every victim is laid to rest or released from the hospital.


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