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White Collar 4×08 ‘Ancient History’ HD Promo

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/29/2012

White Collar 4x08 HD Promo



White Collar 4×08 ‘Ancient History’ HD Promo



White Collar 4x08 HD PromoHere’s USA Networks New HD Promo for the next Episode of White Collar. Episode 4×08 is titled, ‘Ancient History.’ This Episode will premiere on September 4, 2012 at 9pm on USA Network.


It’s almost hard to believe that Neal Caffrey made his first appearance on USA back on October 23, 2009. It seems like he walked out of that prison in the pilot only a year ago. Once considered a bubble show for renewal, White Collar is now enjoying its fourth season and is almost certainly going to be getting a fifth.


Ratings have been slipping However. The first season premiered to 5.4 million viewers. The second season premiered to 4.29, the third to 3.90 and this season the show premiered to 3.21 million viewers. It’s not super concerning though and here’s why.


White Collar was picked up by the UK last year, and the second season of White Collar won’t premiere across the pond until October 16, 2012. Then this year, a Swedish network, TV11, bought all four season of White Collar and will start its run this Fall. The Philippines and Slovakia also picked up the show in 2012. In fact, Slovakia just had its White Collar Season One Premiere on August 20th of this year. Plus, DVD and Amazon sales have been fantastic.


So, don’t worry to much about the ratings dip until you start seeing the number 2, as in less than 3 million viewers a night. That would be cause for concern. Still, if the show in cancelled, I think USA Network will give White Collar a proper send off by announcing a final season. They won’t leave the loyalist hanging out to dry by canceling the show with a cliffhanger. USA Network is not NBC, they no that’s bad business.




White Collar 4×08 ‘Ancient History’ HD Promo


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