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White Collar Season 4 Summer Finale Critique With Creator Jeff Eastin

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/20/2012

White Collar Season 4 breakdown with creator Jeff Eastin



White Collar: Season 4 Summer Finale Critique with Jeff Eastin






Here’s an article where creator Jeff Eastin talks about the summer finale, episode 4×10 “Vested Interest”. Eastin discusses Neal being reunited with dad and what it means for his relationship with Peter. Here’s a snippet:



Whether Sam’s presence will be a positive or negative for his son in the episodes ahead remains unclear. “Neal goes back and forth on that,” previews Eastin. “For a good portion of the season, he thinks it’s a very good thing, finally getting to know who he is. And then there will be some twists and turns in that as the [Season 4 winter] finale approaches.”

In the process, Neal’s relationship with Peter will continue to take some hits. “In a lot of ways, Peter is a surrogate dad [to Neal],” explains Eastin. “Now that real dad is on the scene, some of those issues start to come out – not just for Neal, but for Peter, also. On Peter’s side, there’s a little bit of, I wouldn’t call it jealousy, but almost concern. It’s sort of like Neal is his adopted son, and the birth father shows up and is taking him back.”

Having a new paternal figure step into the crime-solving partners’ lives will be “very tough for both of them,” he continues. “A lot of the trust issues that they have come from that.”



The Ratings for White Collar are way down from season 1, but the show has evened out. Season one had a ridiculous cable TV ratings pace of 5.40 million viewer’s a week. Over the last two season the show has been in the mid 3 millions, averaging about 3.5 million viewers per week.  This season the show has been averaging a 3.21 million viewers a week, and I think thats what you can expect going forward. That should keep the show on the air for a few more years.



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